Own your brilliance.
Brand it. Make it bankable. 

Hi! My name is Tai. I'm an intuitive business and marketing coach for entrepreneurs who make shift happen. My super-power is helping you design profitable courses, programs, and products so you make more money without selling out or burning out.

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I am 100% confident that you are brilliant. I want to help you become undeniably bankable.

Your brilliance - your experience, expertise, and ideas has the power to ignite powerful transformation. It's time to fully embrace your call to entrepreneurship and put the building blocks in place that will allow you to work smarter and not harder to grow a profitable business as a spiritual entrepreneur.

I'm here to be your guide. I'll help you:

  • Discover your Brilliance Zone ™, so you know the best core offerings and services for your business.
  • Design bankable products and programs that increase your income and help you stand out as a leader in your field or niche.
  • Establish the pricing structure, processes, and systems that enable you to grow your business without sacrificing your time. 

Are you operating in your Brilliant Zone?

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How We Can Work Together

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What My Clients Say About Working With Me

Tracey Cooper The Resume Workshop
Starr Shepherd-Decker Radical Revelations
Shade Adu Personal Branding Strategist
Nancy Marmolejo TAG (Talent and Genius)
Lucretia Coleman Your Healthy Vibe
Nicole Fende The Numbers Whisperer

When the student is ready...

The BrillianceStorming™ session I had with Tai was fabulous. Before the session, my thoughts for the direction of my business was limiting and now they are limitless; the sky is truly the limit. As our conversation flowed, I was able to see visions of possibilities. I'm looking forward to careful planning before full implementation. "When the student is ready (and she is), the teacher will appear (and she did)." AWESOME!

With Tai I got it all...

She has helped me to get from a mindset of “I don’t know!” to feeling like I understand my client’s needs and that I know what to focus on in my business. Some days I needed practical advice, some I needed some comfort and assurance, and even others I needed a good kick in the butt. In the past, I would have several coaches or mentors that I would go to depending on which I needed, but with Tai I got it all! Her ability to tap into intuition, combine it with her personal experience, and tell it like it is, is incredible.

My experience with Tai was amazing. She gave me ideas for profitable products and advice that truly feed my spirit. I look forward to speaking with her again and working with her soon.

A single phone call...

Tai expertly coached an information product from me that was so good, so concise and so sellable... and it all happened in a single phone call! I'm amazed at how her mind can synthesize so much and turn it into amazing info-products. I highly recommend her work and am rehiring her to help map out my future programs!"

Let Tai help you find your Bankable Brilliance! 

As a previous corporate professional with a business degree and now an experienced entrepreneur, I struggled with growing my client base and diversifying my business portfolio. In the back of my mind I had (what I thought) were the makings of really great products for my current and potential new clients. I just couldn’t put it all together. That was when I realized I needed help and I began working with Tai as my personal business coach. During a 90-minute one-on-one session with Tai, she guided me through a process that helped me experience the “Aha!” moment needed to catapult my business. As a result, I have redefined my target audience and created viable product ideas that I am confident will help meet my client needs and generate income for my business. Do NOT waste another moment! Let Tai help you find your Bankable Brilliance!

Suddenly, I Got It!

I’m a numbers person so marketing is NOT intuitive for me. When trying to work through my marketing campaigns I used to get so frustrated. Then I was in a session with Tai, she was walking us through the mindset of our top avatar when they first visit our website. Suddenly I GOT IT. It was as if Tai leaned over and flipped the switch illuminating the entire room.

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