Monday Morning Pep Talk withTai

What to Do When You Are Overwhelmed With Ideas

Question: How do you eat an elephant? The Bright Answer: One bite at a time. If you want to know what Brilliant Women do, keep reading. I don't have bright shiny object syndrome. I have bright shiny idea condition, also known as 'Bsic'. Bsic can be pronounced like the word basic or the phase be sick - pick your preference. Both pronunciations apply: Basic: Running after every idea you come up with without determining if it's bankable or figuring out how to upgrade it to brilliant is a set ...

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live what you believe

Would You Rather be Paid, Popular, or Prosperous?

Imagine losing your parents when you are just eight years old, having to quit school in the third grade to take care of your family, and turning down record deals and thousands of dollars just to stay true to your values? This is just part of Mahalia Jackson's story. A few years ago, I saw a play about her and I was blown away by her determination to be prosperous over being paid and popular. Beyond having abundance in every area of your life, prosperous means that your purpose and passion are ...

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overcoming sales objections

Is Coaching Worthless or Worth It? How to Handle Sales Objections

This Week's Brilliant and Bankable Tip: Strategy Before Coaching How many times have you been talking to a prospective client who's hesitant to say yes to working with you because of a previous bad coaching or consulting experience? Notice that I didn't say their experience was with a bad coach or consultant - but that they had a bad experience. What creates a bad experience? Jumping into the work of coaching or consulting without a strategy based on where they actually are now. A few years ago ...

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blog ideas for speakers

25 Newsletter Ideas for Speakers New to Email Marketing

Do you use a free newsletter to help market your speaking business? Email marketing continues to be one of the tops marketing tactics for both business to business and business to consumer models. One of the frequent questions I get when I speak about marketing and social media is, "What do I write about in an email newsletter?" Here's a list of 25 newsletter ideas you can use to stay connected with your audience, position yourself as an authority in your field, and provide value to your ...

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Does This Blog Make My Brand Look Bankable?

The only thing worse than not having a blog, is having one that makes your brand or business look unprofessional. When prospective clients request a Discovery call and want to talk about creating products and programs, one of the first things I do is take a look at their blog. I'm curious to see how they are showing up in the online world to their audience. Why? Because if their goal is to sell products and programs online, they have to be able to demonstrate credibility and authority through ...

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Join Me: Unleash Your Incredible Factor 2015

Click here to register for Unleash Your Incredible Factor Live.

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Three Ways Professional Speakers Leave Money In the Seats

If you've done your job right as a speaker, your audience is going to be hungry for the opportunity to get more of what you have to offer. Speakers who don't have a plan for converting their audience into customers and clients, leave money in the seats. "I felt embarrassed." -That's what one of my brilliant business girlfriends confided in me. We were talking about a recent speaking engagement she had, where she was the only speaker who didn't make an invitation from the stage. Many speakers, ...

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Press Release: Girlfriend, It’s Your Time Nominated For the 2015 Small Business Book Awards

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Girlfriend, It's Your Time Nominated For the 2015 Small Business Book Awards Cleveland, OH, March 31, 2015 - Girlfriend, It's Your Time has been nominated for the 2015 Small Business Book Awards in the category of Motivation. The Small Business Book Awards celebrate the best business books that appeal to entrepreneurs, small business owners, CEOs, managers and their staffs. The Awards also recognize key resources supporting business book authors and the publishing ...

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Bankable Teaching Ideas: Play to Learn with Crossword Puzzles

I recently decided to incorporate more ways to play into my schedule. One of my strongest learning styles is verbal - I prefer to see and read words. So it's no wonder that I love doing crossword puzzles. Crossword puzzles are great pre-work ideas to share to your audience before a class or webinar. They can help with terminology and serve as a refresher of concepts from a previous lesson. Using a tool like a crossword puzzle rather than just a list of key terms is more fun, which can increase ...

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Three Ways to Use Webinars to Grow Your Business

I've been teaching webinars since 1999. I was working for a national company with sales and service teams that needed to be trained in how to use their sales system. It's been amazing to watch how webinar technology has become more accessible, making them a perfect tool for coaches, consultants, and service-based solopreneurs to use in their business. Why do Webinars Work? Flexibility You and the attendees of your webinar can log in from anywhere there's  an internet connection. Not only can ...

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