Have you ever wondered why some authors, coaches, consultants, and speakers are overworked and under-earning?

I see it all the time. Smart, talented subject-matter experts like you, leaving money on the table every day. Why? Because they haven't figured out a way to turn what they know into a course or product they can sell.

If most of your income comes through 1:1 services, meaning your business model is based on trading money for time, help has arrived.

I'm a marketing coach and an award-winning certified instructional ​designer. I specialize in helping my clients with content creation, content marketing, and course and curriculum design. 

What's the Main Focus In Your Business Right Now?

List & Platform Building

Converting Leads to Clients

Generating Passive Income


Just like you, I'm selective about who I work with. Apply for a free 30-minute consultation and let's determine the best way for me to help you.

Tai Goodwin is the most resourceful business coach I have ever met. Her technical skills are excellent and she is an expert at explaining complex information in a way that anyone can understand. She is a master at helping subject matter experts turn their content into courses and workbooks. I never could have completed my project without her. She is the first resource I would recommend to anyone looking to repurpose content into a series of information products. I could not recommend her more highly.

Melinda Emerson 
The Small Biz Lady

When trying to work through my marketing campaigns I used to get so frustrated. Then I was in a session with Tai, she was walking us through the mindset of our top avatar when they first visit our website. How we needed to create an environment that starts there, addressing the prospects emotional state and perceived needs. Suddenly I GOT IT. Really understood. It was as if I was trying to use a match to light a whole room and Tai leaned over and flipped the switch illuminating the entire room. Thanks Tai!

Nicole Fende
The Numbers Whisperer

Tai took a complicated company project that had been stalled in its tracks for three years and in 20 minutes spelled out as clear as crystal how to “frame” our idea so it could be created and understood easily. I have never seen anyone with this super-ability to take all the pieces of an idea and just *shazamm!* pull them together so you know where to start and how to build it most effectively for your audience. Tai is my idea Super-hero!

Lisa Rae Preston
Step Into Destiny