#004: Girlfriend, Don’t Let Divorce Stop You – Conversation with Anna Kelleher

Did you know that after a divorce, on average it takes a woman 9 years to rebound to her pre-divorce income level?

Divorce often puts a woman, especially a single mother, in the position where she needs to earn a much larger income than when she was married. Entrepreneurship allows women to earn high incomes while enjoying the flexibility to be the mothers they want to be and the creativity to live their best lives.

Brilliant Business Girlfriend Anna Kelleher drops by to talk about women, divorce, and entrepreneurship with Bankable Brilliance Mentor Tai Goodwin.

  • What sparked her interest in women, divorce and entrepreneurship.
  • What inspired her to start a tech savvy coaching business.
  • The success of women entrepreneurs.
  • How woman can recover financially from a divorce while she recovers emotionally.
  • What holds women back from financial independence and entrepreneurship post divorce.
  • How divorced women can help each other.
  • How becoming tech savvy can help divorced women succeed as entrepreneurs.
  • Tips for divorced women who want to be entrepreneurs.

About Anna Kelleher…

Anna Yaya Kelleher founded ANNACOLIBRI, a tech savvy coaching and internet publishing company for smart, engaged women (or men!) who want or need guidance as they develop a unique web presence and tech savvy. ANNACOLIBRI provides clients with access to personalized support given in clear, simple language and the tools and resources to achieve goals gracefully. When Anna’s not on the web she is practicing yoga or spending time with her children.

Tai Goodwin

Tai Goodwin is a Business Growth Strategist and creator of the Brilliant Zone Assessment. She is on a mission to help service-based entrepreneurs tap into their brilliance and create profitable business models and revenue streams. Author of Girlfriend, It's Your Time, her articles can be found on Forbes.com, Careerealsim, and the Huffington Post.

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