#02: Girlfriend, It's Never Too Late to Pursue Your Purpose | Tai Goodwin
Tai Goodwin
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#02: Girlfriend, It’s Never Too Late to Pursue Your Purpose

No matter where you are right now in your life, you always have the power to make a new decision that aligns you to the purpose you were created for.

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A month, year, or decade from now we will all be living out the manifestation of the choices we make right now. It can be tempting to choose to quit, especially when so many people opt out and settle for mediocrity. Not everyone is supposed to be an entrepreneur. Not everyone is meant to write a book. Not everyone is called to speak to crowds of thousands and ignite change. But this isn’t about everyone else. This is about you, your purpose, your passion, your vision, your calling, and the people you are meant to serve.

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wood texturedMake a choice to pursue your purpose

Right now, you need to make a choice. Will you settle for a life, relationships, and work that are beneath what you want and what you are capable of? Will you make mediocrity a friend and refuse to break connections to what doesn’t serve your true purpose? Will you remain a disciplined wisher, spending hours fantasizing about your vision while sleeping your life away? Will you continue to live in fear – fear of what other people will say, fear of being seen as something other than successful, fear of failing, fear of being disappointed? Or, will you reclaim your brilliance and pursue your purpose?

You may cross paths with people who will try to tell you that it’s too late. Maybe you’re telling yourself that it’s too late. I want you to know that is simply not true. It’s not too late to pursue your purpose: the people you were meant to serve are waiting for you to show up.

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Tai Goodwin on a mission to help 10,000 women entrepreneurs create more joy and wealth in their life and business. She's the CEO of Aligned + Bankable and creator of the Bankable Brilliance Course. An intuitive business growth strategist and teacher, her specialty is helping clients create bankable business models that allow them to increase their impact and income without burning out. Tai is a former corporate trainer with a master's degree in instructional design and over 20 years of experience designing course, training programs, and certifications. She is also the author of Girlfriend, It's Your Time and founder of Brilliant Business Girlfriends.

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