#03: Girlfriend, Are You an Authorpreneur? Interview with Rochelle Carter | Tai Goodwin
Tai Goodwin
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#03: Girlfriend, Are You an Authorpreneur? Interview with Rochelle Carter

Writing and publishing a well-written book is a key marketing strategy for business owners looking to establish themselves as subject matter experts, differentiate their brand/product/service, and increase exposure among consumers. And changes in today’s publishing model have made it possible for anyone to write and publish a book.

Unfortunately, while entrepreneurs may be experts in their field, many fail to recognize their lack of expertise when it comes to publishing. It isn’t enough to just write a book; in order for a book to be successful, it must be well-written, professionally edited and designed, strategically distributed and aggressively marketed.

In this episode I interview Stiletto Woman Entrepreneur of the Year (2014) and Brilliant Business Girlfriend, Rochelle Carter, CEO of Ellechor Media. We talk about what it really takes to successfully self-publish and her new book The Seven Step Guide to Authorpreneurship (available on Amazon.com).

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What we talk about:

  • How and why has the publishing industry changed, and what it means for authors.
  • The biggest challenges facing 21st century authors.
  • Why must authors be independent and innovative to be successful.
  • What traits, skills and abilities the 21st century author need.
  • Upcoming trends or changes that will impact publishing and how authors succeed.

For more information on self-publishing click here to visit Rochelle’s site. You can also connect to her on Twitter and Facebook.

A Quick Book Update

book by Tai GoodwinMy bookReclaim Your Brilliance: Let Go of the Past So You Can Step Into Your Purpose. It will be available this fall. I am in the process of planning the book launch for some time in November. I’ll let you know when the official date is set.

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