You and Your Clients Win When You Find the Right Niche (FREE Download)

I struggled with finding my niche for years. In fact, most service-based solopreneurs struggle with it too. Finding your niche is one of the most liberating yet frustrating things you will do as a solopreneur. There are two reasons for this:

1- Narrowing to a specific niche feels counterintuitive.

Many of my clients mistakenly believe that the key to getting more business is offering everything to anyone. In fact, the opposite is true – especially when you are starting out.

2- Choosing a niche feels like restricting what we get to do.

Since most of us are multi-talented and multi-passionate, we struggle to focus our energy and attention on just one or a few things. We confuse focus with limits, failing to understand that clarity in what we offer is the door to reaching more people and growing our wealth.

The solution: Discover your Bankable Brilliance Profile.