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3 Simple Steps to Creating Content for Your Infoproduct

woman_typingThe typical reasons people give for not producing their own infoproduct are that they don’t know enough about the subject, or that they don’t have the time to create content. Let’s take a look at these two objections:

1 – The “I don’t know enough” excuse.

While it is true that having a great deal of knowledge on the subject makes it easier to write a valuable information product, expertise will not always ensure sales. In fact, many people that have expert knowledge tend to write over their reader’s head or overwhelm them with too much information. They have the tendency to believe all their readers will understand various concepts and do not take the time to explain their words to a complete beginner.

If you are choosing to write about a subject on, which you have little knowledge, there’s an opportunity to let your passion for the subject guide you instead. This can lead to you generating new ideas and taking a fresh perspective on the subject that other, more experienced writers may not be able to achieve.

Your infoproduct will also appeal to others that are new to the subject and require detailed explanations. Online customers are not necessarily looking for the number one authority on a subject – they are looking for real people that have some valuable insights, experiences and information to share with them.

2 – The “There’s not enough time to write” excuse.

The idea that an information product has to be a long piece of writing, or an e-book, is very far from the truth. If you choose to produce a written information product it can take the form of a series of short reports, articles, or even blog posts. Producing regular small chunks of writing is much easier than writing a whole e-book all in one go.

If you feel writing is not for you, you can always choose to create and sell an audio product or a video series. Transcribed, these can quickly be turned into a report or article series. And they can lead to further written products in the future.

How to move past the excuses

The real reason many people find it hard to even get started with creating an infoproduct is that they don’t have a clear strategy or plan for making it happen. Knowing the next steps will greatly increase your confidence in getting started. Here are three things you can do in the next 3 days to get started:

  • Brainstorm a list of topics that your customers or clients will find valuable.
  • Choose a topic and create a list of questions you want to answer about it.
  • Write or record answers to those questions – if you don’t know the answers research it on your own or ask someone in your network to help you fill in the gaps.

Three things…three days…and you’ve got the beginning of a potentially profitable product!

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