4 Questions to Choose the Right B2B Social Networking Site

When it comes to using social networking for business, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are considered the trifecta for most business professionals. But that doesn’t mean they are the only places for you to find new leads, clients, and potential partners online.

There are other social networking platforms that may be more beneficial for you. Just like in offline networking, the key is making sure that the sites you choose are worth your time, investment, and in some cases money.

I created a video that explains four ways to determine if a platform is a good fit for you. Grab a pen and paper to take notes – then happy exploring.

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Here are the four questions you can use to evaluate B2B social networking sites:

  1. Are your potential clients investing time on the platform?
  2. Are people on that platform actually engaged and talking?
  3. What are people talking about?
  4. How does that platform engage and communicate with you?

Ready to explore find the best platforms for your business?

Remember the goal isn’t to join every single network – but to find the right fit according to the four criteria outlined in the video. Here are a few post that have a list of social networking sites:

What are the top three social networking sites you spend time on to promote your business and grow your network?

Tai Goodwin

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