8 Inspiring Marketing Blogs for Spiritually Conscious Solopreneurs

inspiration for spiritually conscious solopreneursOne of the things I help my clients do is identify influencers, role models, and potential partners that are blazing a trail in their niche. This tasks is not about knowing your competition, it’s about appreciating the brilliance of trailblazers and connecting to potential collaborators. It’s also about learning from others who share the same values as you.

I’m excited to share a partial list of the coaches and bloggers that inspire me through their commitment to integrity based marketing for spiritually conscious solopreneurs. I’ve included a link to one of their articles and a way for you to follow them online. Follow them – and be sure to follow this blog as well for more intuitive and inspirational articles for how you can market your message without selling your soul.

The Art & Science of Conscious Success (@Bill Barren)

The 7 Graces of Marketing (ethical marketing for social entrepreneurs)@Lynn Serafinn

A Real Change by @Sandi Krakowski


Radical Entrepreneurship@Marlee Ward

The Go Giver Coach – @Corey Jahnke

The Heart of Business – @Mark Silver


Attraction Marketing and Coaching – @Andrea Conway

Business from the Heart: Authentic Marketing for Yoga Teachers and Healers  – @Mirror Living

The Called + Confident Messenger – @TaiGoodwin

Have I missed someone? Leave a comment with your favorite marketing blog for spiritually conscious solopreneurs.

Tai Goodwin

Tai Goodwin is a Business Growth Strategist and creator of the Brilliant Zone Assessment. She is on a mission to help service-based entrepreneurs tap into their brilliance and create profitable business models and revenue streams. Author of Girlfriend, It's Your Time, her articles can be found on Forbes.com, Careerealsim, and the Huffington Post.

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Corey Jahnke

Hey Tai!! Thanks so much for the kind mention!! I appreciate that very much! I look forward to reading ALL of the mentioned posts! Have a magical day!! Corey Jahnke

Jasmine Cianflone

These are all great, I’m glad to add them to my reading list! Nothing like finding like-minded heart focused souls to vibe with!

Debra A. Jason

Thanks for this list. Lynn Serafinn has been a guest on my blog and I know of Sandi, but the others are new to me. Appreciate the compilation

Lynn Serafinn

Thanks for the shout out, Tai! I really appreciate it! Will share for sure.


Great list, Tai! LOVE the new look here. 🙂

M. Shannon Hernandez

I have embraced Word Ambassador. I love it and my clients do too!

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