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A little about me

There are people that can’t step into their purpose until you step into yours.

This belief is what fuels my passion for the work I do. Entrepreneurs who are in the business of helping people, organizations, and communities transform are desperately needed in today’s world. And we are trending towards a time where the value of the work that we do is being recognized. This means that with the right mindset, marketing and business model, we get to be brilliant and bankable.

What I do

One of my clients called me a vision midwife. As a life and business coach for entrepreneurs in the transformation biz, I specialize in helping my clients create profitable business models and revenue streams so they can avoid burning out and actually enjoy being their own boss. 

Why this matters to me

Most brown girls from an inner city like Philadelphia, where I grew up, don’t graduate from college and end up working in Fortune500 companies. They don’t leave abusive relationships, get a master’s degree and land six-figure jobs while being a single parent. And they definitely don’t walk away from six-figure jobs to start a business. 

I spent years building the wrong business which made me hate being my own boss. Because I was operating in a way that wasn’t aligned to my strengths, I got everything wrong – the wrong clients, pricing, offerings, and marketing. Even though I was making money, I was overworking, under-earning, and consistently frustrated with the slow progress I was making towards having a business that supported the life I wanted for myself. My clients are either on this road, or wise enough to reach out to me before they start going down this path. If you decide to quit because your business isn’t working for you, or maybe you don’t even get started because you can’t figure out how to monetize your message, you lose and so do the people you’ve been called to serve.   

What I’ve done

Before stepping into the world of entrepreneurship, I racked up over 20 years of experience in learning and development including time at two Fortune500 companies. I have a B.S and M.S. in education, and I keep a copy of the six-figure offer letter from Canon that I turned down because I wanted to start my own business. I started my business in 2007 while working full-time and officially stepped away from the paycheck in August of 2012. In January 2013 I was named to the Small Business Influencer’s Top 100 List. I’ve hosted a podcast (6,000 monthly downloads) written a book, and have spoken on stages across the country.

In 2015, I decided to join Leadpages (an award wining local start-up). I designed the training program for their technical support team in how to use their platform and the fundamentals of online marketing. In 2017, I decided to relaunch my business; I missed the 1:1 work with clients and having a bigger impact on the people I feel called to serve.

Who I work with

I am passionate about helping women of all shades and from all neighborhoods build bankable businesses around their message. My ideal client are entrepreneurs in the transformation biz who are ready to expand their brand and business. You are an author, coach, consultant, healer, speaker or teacher who feels called to serve through entrepreneurship. Passion and purpose are the main drivers of your business, but you also recognize the value of being profit minded. You also recognize that if it was possible to get to where you wanted to be on your own, you would already be there.

What’s it like to work with me

You will never see me on stage asking people to stand up and shake what their momma gave them. I prefer small groups and deep conversations over fluff and hype. I use a hybrid approach of teaching, coaching and consulting to help my clients get results. Former client, Starr Shepherd-Decker of Radical Revelations provided a perfect description of how I serve my clients:  

A year ago I dove into my business thinking that all I had to do was have a pretty website and the clients would be lining up to sign up. Boy, was I wrong! After months of struggling to understand even where to focus, I ran across Tai. She has helped me to get from a mindset of “I don’t know!” to feeling like I understand my client’s needs and that I know what to focus on in my business. Some days I needed practical advice, some I needed some comfort and assurance, and even others I needed a good kick in the butt. In the past, I would have several coaches or mentors that I would go to depending on which I needed, but with Tai I got it all! Her ability to tap into intuition, combine it with her personal experience, and tell it like it is, is incredible.

Star Starr Shepherd-Decker  Radical Revelations

What to do next

Let’s figure out how I can help you. Click here to learn more about how we can work together.