How to Use Audio to Get More Clients and Speaking Opportunities

Adding audio to your website can be an easy way to attract more clients and speaking opportunities.

When your VIPs (Very Interested Prospects) discover your website, you have less than 10 seconds before they decide if they want to stay on your site or leave. A quick look at your bounce rate will tell you exactly what visitors are doing. Google analytics defines bounce rate as:

…the percentage of single-page sessions (i.e. sessions in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page).

If you aren’t using Google Analytics, or some other analytic tool to track what’s happening on your website, add one now or have your virtual assistant do it for you.

Adding audio to your website can help intrigue new visitors and encourage them to stay and browse your site.

Try This: Add an audio welcome message for your visitors

When we meet someone in person, we usually  introduce ourselves. We look them in the eye, smile, tell them our name, and shake their hand. When people “meet you” online, it’s almost impossible to make the same kind of connection.

Having an audio welcome message can make a great first impression with new visitors. A simple message can help your VIPs feel that you value and appreciate them because you made an effort to personally greet them. (Note: This same approach can be done with video, but if you’re not a fan of video, audio will suit things fine.)

Chances are your picture is already on your home page, sidebar, or header image. Adding an audio message that introduces you and your business to visitors, can mimic the effects of an in-person meeting. Your VIPs are no longer looking at a cold, bland, unfeeling website; they are connecting with your site and considering doing business with you.

Other places to add audio messages to your site: Consider adding a greeting to your About page and your Contact page too.

Audio messages can help you close sales and get more clients.

Potential clients and event planners that find you online cannot see you, and they can’t touch your products. All they have to help them make a buying decision are what they see on the screen. You can use an audio message to help convey your enthusiasm for how you help your clients and audience, and your belief in your products.

Creating an energetic and exciting message about your products and services, is an opportunity to transfer your belief in your products to your customer. Excitement is contagious. When your listeners hear your confidence in the results you can help them achieve, you’ve given them another reason why they need what you offer. They will want to work with you or buy your product to keep sharing in your energy.

Another place to use audio to help you close more sales is on your testimonial page. Instead of just having written testimonials from raving fans, include their picture and an audio clip of their testimonial. This way your VIPs can hear about your results straight from the source. One of my favorite tools for this is Audio Acrobat*. This audio creation tool has a number you can use as a “Reply Line” that clients can call and leave a testimonial.

Use audio to make it navigating your site easy.

Another way to use audio on your site is by providing an auditory tour of your website. Your visitors will no longer have to randomly click through your pages or search your drop down menus. Use your voice to offer a guided tour highlighting the places on your website you want them to visit. If you are offering a special report or a free resource, let your visitors know that. Not only are you guiding them to your opt-in list, you are also conveying the feeling that you are with them, helping them along the way.

Use audio on your blog.

Your blog is a great place to add audio. If speaking is your strength, adding audio posts is a great way to create content for your blog. First it will be easy for you to create the content since you love to speak. Second, audio will help your readers get to know you and your personality. If you are pressed for time because of your travel schedule and do not have time to type a post, you could simply record a few minutes in your hotel room or on a long drive and post that instead. Depending on your software, you may not need to do much editing. And even if you do, that is something you have done via your assistant or through Fiverr.

podcastsIf you do decide to do audio blog posts, it ís still a good idea to have print content as well. Print content is what will attract the search engines sending you traffic. Your audio messages are what will keep your VIPs on your site.

Host your own podcast.

Podcasts are another popular way to add audio on your site. New podcasts are being developed every day and shared via sites like iTunes, Stitcher, and BlogTalk Radio. People love being able to access information on demand and listen to it when it’s convenient for them. The great thing about podcasts is that you can pre-record them ahead of time and then schedule their release. You can do solo segments or invite guest to interview. A well done podcast can attract new visitors and position you as an expert in your niche or industry.

Bankable Idea: Create a “Question of the Week” audio.

Here’s how to make this work for a weekly blog post or podcast:

  1. Put up a form on your website or simply poll you favorite Facebook Groups and ask people to submit questions.
  2. Set aside time each week to read one of the questions and provide an answer.
  3. Invite visitors to return each week to see if you chose their question. They’ll look forward to having their name read aloud on your audio message.

Using audio on you site enables you to connect with your prospective clients and event planners in a whole new way.

These are just some ways to add engagement and variety to your website by using audio. Get creative and think up some ways you can integrate audio into your business and marketing plan to attract more clients and speaking opportunities.

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