Three Simple Strategies for Generating More Passive Income

Passive income is one of those words that makes the ears and wallets of coaches and consultants perk up. The fantasy is that they will create an ebook, tell everyone on Facebook about their ebook, and then sit back and wait for the sales to come in. They get so caught up with the idea of creating a product to sell, they often overlook the foundational elements that need to be in place in order to actually sell their products.

Before you invest time and money in creating products that you plan to sell online or from the stage, you want to be clear about:

Coaches and Consultants: Are You Having This Dangerous Conversation?

Sometimes we can be the biggest obstacle to getting more clients and growing our wealth. One of the ways we do this is by engaging in dangerous conversations…with ourselves.

When it comes to making decisions in your business, it is so important to talk to your clients – potential, existing, and past clients. There’s no way to really figure out what they want from you by talking to yourself. No matter how many vision boards, mind maps, brainstorming sessions, or heavenly visions you have – all of it is guess work if you don’t ask your audience.

What You Can Learn When You Listen to Your Clients

Potential Clients can help you uncover:

  • Language for your sales pages
  • Pain points and problems you can solve
  • Ideas for blog posts, webinars, and products

You and Your Clients Win When You Find the Right Niche (FREE Download)

I struggled with finding my niche for years. In fact, most service-based solopreneurs struggle with it too. Finding your niche is one of the most liberating yet frustrating things you will do as a solopreneur. There are two reasons for this:

1- Narrowing to a specific niche feels counterintuitive.

Many of my clients mistakenly believe that the key to getting more business is offering everything to anyone. In fact, the opposite is true – especially when you are starting out.

2- Choosing a niche feels like restricting what we get to do.

Since most of us are multi-talented and multi-passionate, we struggle to focus our energy and attention on just one or a few things. We confuse focus with limits, failing to understand that clarity in what we offer is the door to reaching more people and growing our wealth.

The solution: Discover your Bankable Brilliance Profile.

Content Creation Tips: Create eBook Covers with Boxshot King

[jwplayer mediaid=”5983″] I’ve been using Boxshot King for a about three years to create graphics for my information products. I use it for ebooks, videos, webinars, and courses. It’s one of the best tools I’ve found for making ecover graphics without using Photoshop. You can grab your own copy of Boxshot King here: Other tools…

The Difference Between Speaking, Teaching, and Training

Speaking is not teaching. Teaching is not training. But all three are opportunities to help your audience learn. What will make you brilliant in creating products and programs is understanding the differences and benefits of those opportunities. What will make you profitable is knowing which one of those delivery methods is your strength and how to use them to help your VIPs and clients.

I remember the first time I thought about becoming a speaker. I was a site manager with Americorps and we were at a team building retreat. I don’t remember the speaker or the group he was with, but I do remember hearing the word self-efficacy for the first time. That one word inspired three new programs I would lead at Gillespie Middle school with my team. The speaker left me inspired and fired up. I remember feeling like I was ready to change the world. I wanted to ignite people like that. That’s what speaking is all about: sharing ideas, experiences, and stories that ignite people to take action or see things in a new way.

Having good speaking skills, doesn’t make you a good teacher

A colleague of mine is a great speaker. Early in his career someone told him that since he likes to talk and is really good at talking, he should be a teacher. The person took that advice and invested time in pursuing teaching credentials only to find out that he didn’t like teaching at all. While he did enjoy talking, he didn’t like being responsible for whether people learned something. True teaching is objective-focused and has some form of evaluation, whether it is formal or informal. A good teacher makes sure there is something in place to assess whether or not learners understand and know the material. Brilliant teachers have a deep understanding of their learners, solid practical experience and a growing knowledge of their topic.

You may be able to do research and put together a presentation on skydiving, but you can’t teach someone about skydiving unless you’ve practiced it yourself. Even if you’ve done it once – that doesn’t mean you know enough to teach it to someone else. You may be able to tell them what you’ve done, but you don’t have enough practical experience to teach them. Teaching is not just telling people what to do, it’s showing them how, explaining why and ensuring that they have the correct knowledge to adapt if needed. This is why so many people are frustrated when they buy a product or attend a “workshop” but only walk away with information – most of which they could have dug up on their own with a little research online.

SHIFT Work: Are You Afraid to Make Money?

Why is it that those who could probably do the most with money, are often the same brilliant women who are afraid to make it?

Now they may tell you that they aren’t afraid to make money. In their words, “Money just isn’t that important to me,” or “I don’t need to make a million dollars.” Both of those self-fulfilling phrases are tainted with fear.

“Money just isn’t that important to me.”

If money is not important to you, you will never charge what you are worth. I work with women in this category and I can always hear the self-doubt in their voice when we start to talk about money. Suddenly their confident tone simmers into a hard wall that they’ve locked themselves behind. It’s almost as if they are offended by the idea of money being a priority in their business.

Money may not be the only thing that’s important to you, but if you are running a business it has to be one of the top three things on your list. It’s naive to say that you want to start a business, but money is not important to you. Do it for free if cash flow really isn’t important to you. But don’t undercharge for what you do and justify it by saying money is not that important to you. That’s not fair to the other people who need and want to make money in their business and set their pricing accordingly. It’s not fair to potential clients who don’t work with you because they perceive the quality of your services will be cheap as your prices. And it’s not fair to you: why are you placing such a low value on the brilliance you bring into the world? The value of what you offer doesn’t change based on how much money you think you need.

Tips: Using LinkedIn to Attract Your Ideal Clients

Today, I have the great pleasure of being the host on DAY 13 of the Virtual Blog Tour for Melonie Dodaro, author of the brand new book,The LinkedIn Code: Unlock the Largest Online Business Social Network to Get Leads, Prospects & Clients for B2B, Professional Services and Sales & Marketing Pros.That book will be celebrating its official launch on Tuesday June 3rd, 2014.

MELONIE DODARO is the founder of Top Dog Social Media, a social media agency that helps brands, businesses, professionals and sales teams use social media marketing and social selling to boost their visibility, attract new customers and increase their revenue. Dubbed by the media as Canada’s #1 LinkedIn expert and social media strategist, Melonie trains corporate sales teams on how to use LinkedIn and speaks worldwide at both industry and corporate events and conferences.

Yesterday, Melonie visited Kathi Casey’s blog at where Melonie shared her top tips for building relationships on LinkedIn.

Today, I’d like to share with you a recent interview I had with Melonie where I asked her to share her expert LinkedIn advice for service-based solopreneurs.


TAI: How can service-based solopreneurs find leads on Linked In?

MELONIE: With over 300 million members and over one third of all professional in the world as members, LinkedIn is an excellent platform for service-based solopreneurs to find leads or prospects.

There are two great ways for you to find leads on LinkedIn. The first is to use the Advanced Search, with fields such as location, industry, title and company to narrow down the results and help you find a list of leads within your existing network.

Content Creation Tips: How to Write Your Ebook Faster

Does the idea of writing an ebook and selling it online appeal to you? Writing an ebook sounds easy, until you get started. Without the right information and tools, it can feel like an overwhelming task. 

Here are my top tips (and a few tools) to help you write your ebook faster:

#1 – Ask your audience what they want.

While it’s possible to research and write about anything, you will get your ebook finished faster if you have a clear idea of what to write. You could research key words and try to find something that you think will sell, but the best thing to do is base your ebook on a topic that is relevant to your audience and solves a problem for them. And of course, you’ll want to make sure the topic related to your experience and expertise. The best way to find out what your audience needs is to ask them by creating a survey.

Creating Sales Pages: Lead Pages vs Optimize Press

Last week, one of the brilliant women participating in the 15/15 eCourse Challenge, Sherrell Martin, asked a question about the tools for creating landing and sales pages.

Q: Do you prefer Lead Pages over Optimize Press?

A: It depends.

I tested Lead Pages and really like their platform. But there are two other tools in my arsenal that I already use and have a system for: Hybrid Connect and Optimize Press. Between the two of those, I don’t have a need for Lead Pages right now.

My Lead Pages Review

It’s a great tool for beginners! The beauty of Lead Pages is that if you are brand new to creating sales and landing pages, their templates make it super easy to get started. First, you don’t have to figure things out from scratch: their templates include text and layout for over 20 different landing pages. They’ve also tested which ones convert more. I highly recommend LP to my clients who want to get up and running fast and want a proven tool that integrates very nicely with WordPress.

Optimize Press templates too, but they are not as straightforward as Lead Pages where you can just turn sections on and off to hide them fro your published page. If you are new to creating pages and want something that looks good, I’d definitely start with Lead Pages. The downside is that there is an ongoing monthly fee and the lack of flexibility. I don’t like not being able to change the sales page design other than turning sections on and off. This is fine if you just want to be able to change the copy, but if you want to get more creative with the layout, without knowing any code, this won’t work best for you.

optimize pressWhy Hybrid Connect and Optimize Press works for me

Optimize Press, can be used as a full blog or plug-in for your existing WordPress site. In addition to just landing and sales page templates – there are content templates that are perfect for membership sites like the 15/15 eCourse Challenge or The Brand Your Own Brilliance Toolkit – both sites I’ve created using Optimize Press. Optimize Press (2.0) gives you more flexibility because you can add lots of different elements and rearrange each page using their PageBuilder. Both systems have a sales funnel option – which means you can have multiple video landing pages that lead to an ultimate sales/opt-in offer. You can see the OP sales funnel in action at

In addition to being able to create landing and sales pages, OP can be used for your entire site. And if you don’t want need a new theme, you can just use the plug in. The most recent version of the theme also has a membership option, but in my estimation it is not as robust as WishList or Digital Access Pass. If you have plans to build an empire of products and programs, I highly suggest investing in Optimize Press.

Why Branding Your Business Is an Inside Job

Choosing the right branding can be hard.

Names, tag lines, colors, logos, unique selling points, values, key words, language, style, tone, focus, reputation – there is so much to consider when it comes to branding your business. And we are desperate for branding that is catchy and cool. A special combination of branding elements that will surely make us stand out from the crowd and magically cause prospects to fall under our spell and sign up for our services. If we could just get the right wording, the perfect WordPress template, the most unique graphic styling – then our marketing would be easy – or so we think.

I’m embarrassed to think about how much time I used to spend comparing myself to other people on line. It used to happen to me every time I came across a website with someone that had a catchy title, or a stand out tagline. Or when I would come across a cool layout or design that someone was using for their blog. All of a sudden what I had come up with wasn’t as catchy or cool to me and off I would go to sulk until I came up with something cleverer or more cutting edge. What a waste of time, money and energy.

Some of my clients have pretty clever names that they spent lots of time and money having someone help them come up with. Others are struggling in a sea of over-branding and hype to find the perfect title or tagline. Then some are caught in a perpetual cycle of rebranding. In all cases, branded and unbranded, they are still having a hard time:

  • Finding and connecting with their ideal paying clients
  • Offering the right services at the right price point
  • Marketing their services to their ideal audience with confidence

They think the problem and the solution is in their branding. They think if they change their colors, get a name and tagline that “pops,” or get a newly designed blog or business card that looks unique enough, that all the paying clients they know are out there will suddenly come running to their website.