Bankable Brand Workshop – Saturday | Tai Goodwin

Show Up and Sell: The Bankable Brand Workshop

A Virtual Event for Coaches, Consultants, and Holistic Practitioners Who Want to Fill Their Pipeline With Qualified Leads Ready and Willing to Become High Paying Clients

3 Hour Online Workshop

Saturday, February 24th, 2018


3 Hour Online Workshop

Saturday, February 24th, 2018



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You are brilliant at what you do.

Unfortunately, the people who are willing and able to pay for your services don't know it ... yet.

This could change if you had a powerful authentic brand message that reflected the value and essence of who you are and what you do.

Creating a bankable brand probably isn’t what you think it is and It's something you can easily do –with the right guidance!

Here's What I Want You To Know

When it comes to branding, most people immediately think color palette, catchy tagline, and a professionally designed logo.

But there’s so much more that goes into creating a bankable brand than cool fonts and an original color scheme.


You know how some coaches and entrepreneurs always seem to “hit the right marks” when it comes to everything they create (and make it look effortless too)?

For example:

  • All their emails, social posts, and other marketing materials are wildly poignant (and relatable).
  • Their website copy and sales pages couldn’t be more spot on.
  • Oh, and their visuals–well, of course, they’re breathtakingly beautiful, professional and look “just like them.”

Except here’s the thing: These business owners aren’t any different or more talented or ‘special’ than you are. They simply know one thing most coaches don’t: The true definition of branding.

A bankable brand comes from owning your brilliance, having a deep understanding of who your ideal client is, having a clear message and promise to share, and showing up from a place of authenticity and alignment –in your images, in your content, in your life. Once you have all the ingredients in place, here’s what happens:

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    You attract clients who know, like, and trust the real you from the first time they ‘see’ you.
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    You no longer struggle to create products and posts that easily align with your overall message.
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    Higher quality clients, opportunities and strategic partners are literally magnetized to you through your words, your images and everything you stand for.
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    You (finally) get to get paid to be the very best version of yourself!
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    You become more than a person–you become a movement.

Want this for yourself and your brand? I'm here to help. 

Who Am I?

I'm Tai Goodwin and I am a Bankable Brilliance Strategist. I help women grow their brands and businesses without burning out or selling out.

I love helping transformational and spiritual entrepreneurs:

  • own their brilliance and show up authentically
  • brand their brilliance through aligned marketing, and
  • make their brilliance bankable with profitable services, products, and programs.
Nicole Fende, The Numbers Whisperer


“I’m a numbers person so marketing is NOT intuitive for me. When trying to work through my marketing campaigns I used to get so frustrated. Then I was in a session with Tai, she was walking us through the mindset of our top avatar when they first visit our website. Suddenly I GOT IT. It was as if Tai leaned over and flipped the switch illuminating the entire room.”

Nicole Fende (The Numbers Whisperer)

Here's What You'll Get In This Workshop

This is not your typical workshop. I won't be talking for 3 hours. That would a) be boring and b) not help you get things done. Our time together will be a combination of micro-teaching, sharing, and time to work on the assignments.

You'll leave with the following items that will help you Show Up and Sell to your ideal clients:

Bankable Client Profile

Are you tired of attracting and spending time with prospects that "can't afford" to hire you right now?

I'll show you how to choose an ideal client that is able and willing to invest in your services. You'll also know how to determine their most pressing desires and needs without guessing.

Bankable Brand Promise

No more trying to figure out how to explain what you do or why prospects should choose you.

You'll have a template that will help you put into words exactly how you help your ideal client and the results they can expect from working with you.

Bankable Brand Engagement Campaign

Visibility without a strategy is a waste of your time and resources. What you want to be is strategically engaged.

You'll have a clear plan for communicating WHAT (the results) to your WHO (ideal clients) that will increase your visibility and credibility.

And to support you in implementing the work we'll do together, you'll also receive:

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    Access to the Private Bankable Brilliance Inner Circle Facebook Group
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    Bankable Client Profile Template
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    Bankable Brand Planning Guide
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    The Brilliant List: Sharing Your Brand on Social Media
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    Top 10 Branding Resources
  • check
    Rebranding Roadmap
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    BONUS: A 90-minute Live Lab on February 15th where you can bring your questions and get feedback

Is This Workshop Right For You?

This workshop is for you if 

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    You are a coach, consultant, healer, or holistic practitioner.
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    You want to be more visible so you can reach more people.
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    Your clients get amazing results, but you have a hard time communicating exactly waht you do.
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    You are willing to invest time in creating a brand that attracts your ideal clients.

This Workshop is not for you if

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    You are unclear about what you offer. I will not be teaching you choose a business model. 
  • times-circle-o
    You are just starting out and haven't had your first client.
  • times-circle-o
    You want a quick fix without doing the work to build a bankable brand.
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    You are not going to do the work. Only sign up if you are going to implement what you learn. 

This course is backed by my 100% guarantee. If you truly feel it doesn’t help you build a more brilliant and bankable brand, all it takes it a quick email to receive a fast, courteous refund.

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