You're creative. 
You love ideas, and they come easily and freely to you.
And you love all of the possibilities.
At some point you have to make a decision about how to move forward. And that's where you get STUCK.


What if there was someone who could help you get UNSTUCK and get the clarity you need to go from IDEA to ACTION in just 90-minutes?


A single phone call...

Tai expertly coached an information product from me that was so good, so concise and so sellable... and it all happened in a single phone call! I'm amazed at how her mind can synthesize so much and turn it into amazing info-products. I highly recommend her work and am rehiring her to help map out my future programs!"

Nancy Marmolejo - TAG (Talent and Genius)

My experience with Tai was amazing. She gave me ideas for profitable products and advice that truly feed my spirit. I look forward to speaking with her again and working with her soon.

Shade Adu - Personal Branding Strategist

She blows away the brain fog

Oh, my gosh! This woman is brilliant!!! Tai took a complicated company project that had been stalled in its tracks for three years and in 20 minutes spelled out as clear as crystal how to "frame" our idea so it could be created and understood easily. I have never seen anyone with this super-ability to take all the pieces of an idea and just *shazamm!* pull them together so you know where to start and how to build it most effectively for your audience. If you're a creative visionary in the middle of transition or stuck swimming around in the ocean of your ideas - I believe Tai can save you months of paddling upstream. She blows away the brain fog and gives you the structure around which to build your beautiful idea. Tai is my idea Super-hero!

Lisa Preston - Step Into Destiny

When the student is ready...

The BrillianceStorming™ session I had with Tai was fabulous. Before the session, my thoughts for the direction of my business was limiting and now they are limitless; the sky is truly the limit. As our conversation flowed, I was able to see visions of possibilities. I'm looking forward to careful planning before full implementation. "When the student is ready (and she is), the teacher will appear (and she did)." AWESOME!

Tracey Cooper - The Resume Workshop

I'm Tai Goodwin. My super power is helping you make your brilliance bankable!

I'm a marketing and business growth strategist. My specialty is helping coaches, consultants, and holistic practitioners show up as highly visible and highly paid transformation agents. I combine my intuition, marketing savvy, and over 20 years of designing learning experiences to help my clients tap into their bankable brilliance.

What's BrillianceStorming™?

BrillianceStorming is a highly structured ideation + strategy session that results in three things:

  • CLARITY about which idea, project, or opportunity supports the highest good of you, your clients, and your business.
  • INTUITIVE GUIDANCE on how to move forward. We'll create a roadmap that includes the resources, relationships, and actions that will move you forward.
  • AWARENESS of roadblocks, thought patterns, mindsets, and behaviors that need to shift so you can take action towards the vision for what you want.

Here's how your BrillianceStorming™ Session will work:

It's 90 Minutes

You'll start with a pre-session questionnaire. Then we'll spend 90-minutes together via Zoom in a structured ideation + strategy call. 

Your Take-Aways

You'll leave the session with an Aligned Action Roadmap and a recording of the entire session that you can replay as often as you like. 

After the Session

We'll schedule a 30-minute follow up call within two weeks to check in on your progress. We'll celebrate your progress and explore any roadblocks.

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