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Six Ways to Grow Your Marketing Confidence

Potential clients often reach out to me to help them with marketing their brand and business. They want to know how to get more traction with Twitter, more likes on their Facebook page, or turn all of those contacts they’ve amassed in LinkedIn into real prospects. All of those are legitimate topics with simple enough […]

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Tips: Using LinkedIn to Attract Your Ideal Clients

Today, I have the great pleasure of being the host on DAY 13 of the Virtual Blog Tour for Melonie Dodaro, author of the brand new book,The LinkedIn Code: Unlock the Largest Online Business Social Network to Get Leads, Prospects & Clients for B2B, Professional Services and Sales & Marketing Pros.That book will be celebrating its […]

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Boost Your Marketing Confidence: Stop Being Attached to the Outcome

  Get the full scoop on Cracking the Marketing Confidence Code by registering for my free webinar. Click here for details.

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Really want to get more clients? Stop Working on Your Website

[jwplayer mediaid=”5626″] This clip of Tony Robbins reminded me of recent conversations with two clients about how to get more clients. Both of them were so focused on thinking they had to have a prettier website and the perfect tagline (the task) when what they really wanted was more clients. They could invest time and money in updating […]

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Creating Sales Pages: Lead Pages vs Optimize Press

Last week, one of the brilliant women participating in the 15/15 eCourse Challenge, Sherrell Martin, asked a question about the tools for creating landing and sales pages. Q: Do you prefer Lead Pages over Optimize Press? A: It depends. I tested Lead Pages and really like their platform. But there are two other tools in […]

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