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Enhance Your Blog Post in 15 Minutes (Excerpt from the15/15 Blogging Challenge Ebook)

Over 200 people participated in the 15/15 Blogging Challenge I hosted with M. Shannon Hernandez, The Writing Whisperer. Using my R3 Product Creation System, I’ve created an ebook which is now available for purchase. The video below gives you the details on what’s included in the product bundle. 

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Find Your Next Consulting or Coaching Clients on Facebook

Looking for your next consulting or coaching clients? They might be looking for you on Facebook. Savvy marketers have a plan for using Facebook to drive traffic back to their blog, build brand awareness and generate buzz for new products. But the real value in using Facebook is in creating relationships with your ideal VIPs […]

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Marketing Your Message With Webinars

Offering free webinars is one of the best ways to market your message and promote your products and services. Whether you are an author, coach, consultant or speaker, if you have a message that you need to get out to your VIPs (Very interested prospects), webinars can help. With the right tools, they’re easy to […]

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Suspect Sales Strategies: The Six-Figure Shuffle

“INTEGRITY NOW!” Remember on Seinfeld when George’s Dad used to run around saying. “Serenity Now!” Every time I see a telesummit promoting six-figure “experts” (that aren’t all making six-figures) or “48 hours” to get 10K subscribers or any other suspect sales strategy that attempts to sell people on the idea that they can get immediate […]

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How to Create Information Products that Sell: Know Your Audience

With social media, blogs, and online shopping carts, it seems like it should be easy to sell information products online, right? Many internet marketing gurus would have you believe that if you build an information product today, you will have a line of people just waiting to buy whatever you’ve created tomorrow. While it is […]

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