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Is Fear of Disappointment Holding Your Success Hostage?

One of the things that kept me from pursuing the work, clients, and success I really wanted, was fear of disappointment. I had to make a choice: be content with just imagining success in my mind or decide that disappointment was not going to determine my destiny and then act accordingly. How to Handle Disappointment […]

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SHIFT Work: Give Yourself the Gift of Intention

Today I want to share a SHIFT that will help you set an intention for the changes you want to make in your life. Setting a daily intention is a powerful habit that can literally change your life. An intention is different from a wish – a thought with no action behind it. Setting an […]

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Worth [re]Reading: The Think Big Manifesto by Michael Port

I’m a huge fan of any book that encourages people to step out and be bold enough to passionately pursue their purpose. The Think Big Manifesto by Michael Port is a pep talk in book form that inspires you to dig deep and connect with what you stand for. Favorite Quote: [quote]“The pain of remorse, of […]

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