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How a Prejudiced Guidance Counselor Hijacked My College Plans

It was finally my turn to sit down with Ms. Norman* to talk about college options. I excitedly walked into her office prepared with my research, list of ...

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racist postcards

You Won’t Find This In History Books: Racist Postcards from the 1950’s

Disbelief. Embarrassment. Anger. That’s the order of emotions I experienced when I came across these postcards. I was in an antique shop in Cannon Falls, a ...

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Heineken’s World Apart Ad: It’s Not a Solution, But it is a Start

There are some people that think this ad is on par with Pepsi's recent train wreck of a commercial. I disagree. I think that it's a start - they had 4 ...

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…And Justice for All

I was clearing out my DVR and decided to watch ...And Justice for All. I like Al Pacino, who plays the role of Arthur Kirkland, as an actor and had never heard ...

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