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[INFOGRAPHIC] Eight Reasons My Clients Love Working with Me

I was testing out a new tool I’m recommending to my Brilliant Zone newsletter subscribers and made an infographic to go along with a new page Eight Things My Clients Love About Working with Me. Click here to read the full details behind the image. (And if you want to know about the tool – […]

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[Book in Progress] Living in Integrity Means Being Willing to Take Risks

[note color=”#a1e8f2″]This is an excerpt from my upcoming book: Reclaim Your Brilliance : Let Go of the Past So You Can Step Into Your Purpose.[/note] Opportunity to pursue your passion and prosper. Freedom to live the lifestyle you want. Success on your own terms. The foundation to having all of those things is integrity: aligning your […]

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Is Your Infoproduct Help or Hype?

I love infoproducts. It’s the lifelong learner in me, it’s the teacher in me, and it’s the entrepreneur in me: There’s nothing better than being able to turn what you know into a product you can sell. It’s the teacher in me that needs to speak this morning ( and a little bit of the […]

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[Book in Progress] Reclaim Your Brilliance: My Misguided Guidance Counselor

About a year ago I started compiling my Monday Morning Pep Talk series into a book. After lots of revisions, rework and soul searching, I’ve added more of the lessons I’ve lived that have helped carve out my purpose and shape my message. This story is an excerpt from “The Called & Confident Entrepreneur: Shift from Fear […]

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More of This…Less of That – An Affirmation for (Overworked) Visionary Women

Our words and our thoughts are powerful. As visionary women we know that we manifest what we give attention to. What many of us have yet to learn is that avoidance creates voids and gaps in our path that keeps us from getting what we really want. It’s why we can think positively about meeting […]

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