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Have You Incorporated Your Strengths into Serving in Your Business?

I love taking any kind of quiz that gives me insight into myself: Myers Briggs, DiSC, or even the latest Oprah.com poll. One of my favorite tools has been the Strengths Finder assessment. I was going through my bookshelves recently and came across the five strengths that came up for me the last time I […]

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How Aiming for the Masses Can Keep You Blinded from Your Mission

Have you noticed it? There’s a shift happening. I’m calling it an ‘InRising’. After years of being driven by external things and labels, people are shifting toward experiences, information, insight, and wisdom that satisfies their hunger for something that will nourish their soul. I see it in my clients that are choosing more holistic approaches […]

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Five Reasons to Create Physical InfoProducts in Your Service-Based Business

Creating physical infoproducts in today’s digital age might seem behind the times. Yet the most successful coaches, consultants, and speakers out there understand how tangible infoproducts, like workbooks, home study kits, and audio CDs can help grow their profits. Digital products are important to have too, but tangible products give you an edge. Here are […]

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3 Simple Steps to Creating Content for Your Infoproduct

The typical reasons people give for not producing their own infoproduct are that they don’t know enough about the subject, or that they don’t have the time to create content. Let’s take a look at these two objections: 1 – The “I don’t know enough” excuse. While it is true that having a great deal […]

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