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Learning to Unlearn: Always Offer a Discount

One of the words that I’ve been using quite often in my personal development is “unlearn.” As in what do I need to un-learn so I can move forward? Or, what do I need to unlearn so I can step more into my purpose? In my book, Girlfriend, It’s Your Time, I talk about how […]

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Real Help: Webinar Tips for Technology Challenged Speakers, Authors, and Coaches

If you are like many of my clients, it’s probably crossed your mind on more than one occasion that doing webinars could be a brilliant (and bankable) way to monetize your expertise. Right behind that thought is the concern,”But what about all the technical setup for how to do a webinar?” If one of the […]

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Beyond the Presentation: 5 Ways to Use PowerPoint to Create Content

There are tons of great examples of how not to use PowerPoint. My favorite PowerPoint fail is when presenters read word-for-word from the screen as if we can’t see the content for ourselves. With many well-intentioned but ill-advised people creating PowerPoint presentations, it’s no wonder why the tool has gotten a bad reputation. But there are several ways to creatively […]

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Visual Marketing: Promote Your Blog (and Brand) with Images

Last weekend I had the opportunity to present at the MN Blogger Conference. It was an amazing group to engage with (Check out the tweets and pics). [slideshare id=40737169&doc=visualmarketingmnblogslides-141026112357-conversion-gate02]   [View the story “This Group Rocked: Visual Marketing Presentation- #MNBlogCon” on Storify]

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Sneak Peek BONUS: Creating a Lucrative Product Launch

You could have created the most brilliant product idea. But if you don’t know how to launch it, you will have wasted your time and money. Instead of accelerating your income, you will have accelerated a deficit in your business (and your confidence). One of the bonuses in the Product Creation Boot Camp is an interview […]

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