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Coaches and Consultants: Are You Having This Dangerous Conversation?

Sometimes we can be the biggest obstacle to getting more clients and growing our wealth. One of the ways we do this is by engaging in dangerous conversations…with ourselves.

When it comes to making decisions in your business, it is so important to talk to your clients – potential, existing, and past clients. There’s no way to really figure out what they want from you by talking to yourself. No matter how many vision boards, mind maps, brainstorming sessions, or heavenly visions you have – all of it is guess work if you don’t ask your audience.

What You Can Learn When You Listen to Your Clients

Potential Clients can help you uncover:

  • Language for your sales pages
  • Pain points and problems you can solve
  • Ideas for blog posts, webinars, and products

Existing Clients can help you:

  • Refine your products and services
  • Identify additional sources of clients like them
  • Plan upsell and growth products for your business

Past Clients can help you:

  • Add more value to your offerings
  • Improve the experience of working with you
  • Find untapped referral sources

I know that you are brilliant, but you can’t validate any of the information listed above just by having a conversation with yourself.

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The Fix: Stop Talking to Yourself and Start Listening to Your Clients

survey workshopOne of the best ways to “listen” to your clients is with an online survey. You might be thinking, people don’t usually fill out surveys. To me, that’s always an indicator: if you can’t get people to fill out a free survey for you – how are you going to get them to buy your products, programs, and services? If you have a hard time getting people to complete your survey, you either haven’t figured out how to motivate your VIPs or you don’t have a good enough relationship with your audience. In either case it’s time to build a better relationship with your audience.

After you do a survey, pick up the phone or meet in person. You’ll want to continue the conversation with a few key people, talking over the results and getting more details. These follow-up conversations need to be with people in your target audience. NOTE: There are some people that you should not talk to: people that like to criticize your ideas without providing constructive feedback or insight and who sometimes have ulterior motives. Use your intuition and discernment to weed out negative nellies, naysayers, and people with inept integrity.

Don’t make the mistake of not doing the survey and opting to talk to two people that usually have good ideas. Yes they are brilliant, but basing your business or product decisions on two people that may not be in your target audience is not a good way to go. Even if they are in your target audience, you want to get feedback from more than just two people and you want to have some qualitative data. You can make decisions with much more confidence when you can say that 60% of my ideal audience is struggling with [enter a pain point here]. That’s instead of saying I talked to three people at a networking event and they all had the same problem. No profitable coach or consultant designs a product or service offering for THREE people. The idea that came from those three conversations is a good starting place but you always want to validate those ideas with actual data from a larger sample of your ideal client pool.

Go from Stuck to Started

It is 100% possible to get tanged up by your own brilliance. Especially if you are prone to self-doubt, fear of rejection, and a lack of confidence. Working on your inner stuff that’s blocking your confidence will definitely help. What will take you over the top is getting the information you need from the right outside sources to validate your ideas and plans.

Does this post ring true for you? Leave a comment and share a dangerous conversation you’ve been having with yourself?

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