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The Content Alchemy Workshop

Step-by-Step Guidance for Creating  Passive Income Streams

Next Workshop: October 10-12th

Choose Your Income Stream.

Create Your Product.

Automate Your Marketing.

You started your business to have more time, more freedom, and  more control over your earning potential.

But right now your business is taking up way too much time and dictates what you can and can't do. And even more frustrating - your income is limited to the number of hours you can work with clients. 

Making more money means taking on more clients. More clients means less time for you, your family, your life.

If you wanted to work 60 hours and have a capped salary, you could go get a job.

We've got a better idea...

Profit more and work less by creating passive income streams.

There are 17 different ways to generate revenue using content you already have. Here are a few simple ideas, I've helped clients with:

  • Creating a workbook for a college curriculum, based on a business book they've written.
  • Packaging their holistic OT courses as online membership site.
  • Creating an online course based on a book for independent publishers.
  • Creating a paid assessment for parents, based on a book.
  • Creating an outline for a guidebook for college students finding housing in NYC.
  • Packaging and selling templates they've used in their event business to sell online.

Think about the content sitting on your computer, collecting dust when it could be making you money.

The Content Alchemy Workshop shows you how to turn your wisdom into wealth.

Our Content Alchemy Process guides you through:

  • Deciding which products are best for you based on your income goals - so you don't need to guess at it.
  • Creating your product from content you already have so you don't have to start from scratch.
  • Automating your promotion and sales so you have 24/7 income generation (even while you sleep).

Who is this workshop for?



Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Thought Leaders 

Subject Matter Experts


Podcast Hosts

Non-Fiction Authors

Why this workshop?

Tai Goodwin (your guide) has 18+ years creating workshops, online courses, programs, and learning materials. A former teacher and instructional designer, she's been teaching online since 1999. Tai now uses the same frameworks she designed at companies like Barnes & Noble to help entrepreneurs and experts turn their wisdom into wealth.

Lisa Preston Step Into Destiny
Deb Brown Touch Your Clients Heart
Vanessa Bennett  S&M Seamless Gutters, Inc
Shade Adu Personal Branding Strategist
Lucretia Coleman Coach

She blows away the brain fog

Oh, my gosh! This woman is brilliant!!! Tai took a complicated company project that had been stalled in its tracks for three years and in 20 minutes spelled out as clear as crystal how to "frame" our idea so it could be created and understood easily. I have never seen anyone with this super-ability to take all the pieces of an idea and just *shazamm!* pull them together so you know where to start and how to build it most effectively for your audience. If you're a creative visionary in the middle of transition or stuck swimming around in the ocean of your ideas - I believe Tai can save you months of paddling upstream. She blows away the brain fog and gives you the structure around which to build your beautiful idea. Tai is my idea Super-hero!

I had the pleasure of learning from Tai as she taught, "Monetize Your Expertise." For years I have heard the importance of passive income and having your own information product. While most people will tell you to package what you know, Tai approaches it in a much smarter way. She encourages you to first think of your audience and figure out what they want to buy and how they want to buy it. If you are going to go to the effort to create an info-product, learn from Tai so you can have a profitable one.

Tai s a pro -- she know's her stuff.

I found working with Tai to be a productive, awesome experience. Having Tai's expertise to guide me through my process was definitely money well spent. Tai s a pro -- she know's her stuff. She's brilliant and knows how to get the most out of you and your sessions. Tai taught me how to professionally put together my first webinar and "Next Steps" in developing my business plan and for that I will always be grateful.

My experience with Tai was amazing. She gave me ideas for profitable products and advice that truly feed my spirit. I look forward to speaking with her again and working with her soon.

Do NOT waste another moment!

During a 90-minute session with Tai, she guided me through a process that helped me experience the “Aha!” moment needed to catapult my business. As a result, I have redefined my target audience and created viable product ideas that I am confident will help meet my client needs and generate income for my business. Do NOT waste another moment! Let Tai helps you find your Bankable Brilliance!

Imagine creating once and selling over and over and over.

At the end of this live virtual multi-day workshop, you'll be in position to reach more people and grow your wealth without having to add more hours to your day.

You'll leave the workshop with:

  • A strategy for choosing the most profitable passive income streams.
  • A framework for using content you already have so you don't have to completely start from scratch.
  • Design templates so you know exactly what to include (and what to leave out).  
  • Check Square
    Rapid Content Creation Worksheets for any new content you need to complete your product.
  • A proven pricing formula so you make a profit from your products.
  • A development plan so you how to create your products and what resources you'll need.
  • Check Square
    A list of the best platforms and tools for delivering your product so you avoid wasting money with things that don't work.
  • Check Square
    Your simplified marketing and sales process completely mapped out, so you or your team can easily implement it.
  • Check Square
    Marketing copy you can use to immediately start promoting and pre-selling your products.


Live Workshop

October 10-12th*


3 Pay Option Available

  • (3) Half Day Sessions
  • 3 Post-workshop live Q+A sessions
  • Recording
  • Private community for ongoing support
  • Hosted via Zoom
  • Plus Circle
    Rapid design + Content creation templates
  • Plus Circle
    Copy of The Content Alchemy Cookbook
  • Plus Circle
    Lifetime access to future workshops
  • Plus Circle
    Access to the Content Alchemy Academy for 1 year.

Session run from 9AM-12PM CST with breaks.

Private VIP 

In person*


4 Pay Option Available

  • 90 - minute planning session
  • (2) Full Day Sessions
  • 45-minute follow up  session
  • Plus Circle
    Rapid design + Content creation templates
  • Copy of The Content Alchemy Cookbook
  • Plus Circle
    Private community for ongoing support
  • Plus Circle
    Lifetime access to future workshops
  • Plus Circle
    Access to the Content Alchemy Academy for 1 year.

Does not include your travel or lodging cost, or my travel + lodging if I am coming to you.

Online Course

Coming Soon

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