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You've got content in a notebook, on your computer, or in your head that's gathering dust instead of increasing your income.

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The Content Alchemy Workshop

Create Once. Profit over and over and over ...

August 16th


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Does this sound familiar? You know there's a way to monetize what you know but...


  • Every time you come up with an idea,  your inner gremlin tells you no one will buy it. 
  • You started creating something and got frustrated or overwhelmed with all the moving pieces so you gave up. 
  • Someone said that you had to have a course, book, retreat, etc... and so you created it, but absolutely hated it.  
  • You paid someone who said they could help you, only to be disappointed with what they created or the process.
  • It's not your area of expertise and you don't know where to start so you just haven't.

Whatever your reason or obstacle, the bottom line is that you are leaving money on the table.

I've got good news, bad news, and then some awesome news.

The good news...

You don't have to be an expert or entrepreneur that leaves money on the table.  There are 17 different to turn your content into cash. And if you hook up with the right strategist (like, someone who is an award-winning instructional designer with over 18 years of experience creating courses and programs and who happens to be a pretty savvy online marketer), they can show you how to  monetize what you know. 

The bad news...

There are lots of people promising help but delivering hype.

Here's a quick story about a former client of mine:

Deena (not her real name of course), was an expert at helping women climb the corporate ladder. She was tired of working in HR and decided to jump in and make money online. She invested in working with someone who hyped her up about creating and selling webinars - she could earn six-figures, set it and forget it, only have to work 6 hours a week, and so on and so on...

At the time I was a social media manager. Deena reached out to me to help her get enrollees. Her workshop was three weeks away and she wanted me to help her use Facebook and Twitter to get people to sign up. There were just a few problems:

  • Deena had no online presence. She was a corporate employee, with some LinkedIn connections, a Twitter account (with less than 100 followers), and Facebook profile. Now this was back in 2010, but even then, those numbers weren't good.

  • She wasn't really a teacher. Deena was more of a strategist who enjoyed troubleshooting with clients directly, helping them create and implement a strategy so they could get results.

  • Her audience didn't want a webinar. The women she wanted to work with needed someone to talk with and a community, outside of their organization who could give them unbiased feedback and tactics for getting ahead.

A better bet for her (and what I recommended) was creating a coaching package and up selling to a high-level mastermind group.

"How do I do that?" - That was Deena's response.

That was my first, "Content Alchemy" session. It wasn't called "Content Alchemy" at the time, but we worked through the five questions that allowed her to successfully monetize content she already had.

The awesome news...

I can help you monetize content you already have too. Keep reading to learn exactly what you'll get out of joining the next Content Alchemy workshop.

What's covered in the workshop?

This workshop combines teaching +consulting to help you uncover the best way to monetize what you know. I guide you through answering the 5 questions that most folks struggle through when trying to figure out what to offer. At the end of this live 90-minute workshop you will have the following answers:

  • 1
    Should I create a new product or offer? I'll guide you through determining whether you need to create something new, tweak something you already have, or create a strategic partnership. 
  • 2
    What should I create?  Learn the four ways you can cut through all of your ideas and choose what products or offers to focus on. You'll choose the right ones so you avoid spinning your wheels and actually start creating.
  • 3
    What should I charge? No more guessing what to sell you offers and services for. I'll show you how to price so that you are always making a profit. 
  • 4
    How do I create the content fast? I'll share my rapid content creation template + strategies that will enable you to start creating your product with content you already have.
  • 5
    How do I actually get it done? Consulting + Resources on your options for developing + delivering your offer. I'll cover realistic timelines, what it will cost you, and how you can make it happen. I've even got a checklist of the most common mistakes and obstacles, so you can avoid them.

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