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Tai Goodwin
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Content Creation Brainstorm: Infoproduct Ideas for Massage Therapist

One of my favorite things to do with clients is brainstorm ideas for their next product or signature program.

Earlier this week I hosted the first H.O.T. Topics webinar and Dawn asked about infoproduct ideas for massage therapists. So for today’s brainstorming, I’m going to share five product ideas for a massage therapist that wants to create an additional stream of income with information products.

Basics: Before creating an products, we need to know three things: her ideal client, niche and Brilliant Zone.┬áNot sure if these choices fit Dawn exactly, but for the purpose of today’s brainstorm we’ll use these:

  • Ideal Client: Corporate and executive women
  • Niche: Stress and anxiety relief
  • Brilliant Zone (Service-Niche): Teacher and Healer

monetize your expertiseHere are my top five infoproduct and program ideas:

  • Five Ways Stress is Stalling Your Career (Webinar, Live Presentation or MP3 Download)
  • Three Ways to Give Yourself a Message at Work (Infographic or video)
  • Seven Health + Wellness Benefits of Massage (Blog Post or Special Report)
  • Self Massage for Stress Release (Live Workshop) $$
  • Relaxation Retreat (Hosted weekend getaway featuring private massage and other relaxing activities) $$$

BTW – If you missed the last H.O.T. Topics webinar on infoproduct creation, click here to sign up.

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