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How to Create Content for Your eCourse (When You Are Not a Writer)

An ecourse can be an outstanding opt-in offer or entry level product to add to your sales funnel. The only thing is – you have to make the time to create the content. If you are not a writer, thinking about creating content can feel overwhelming. If you have been hesitant to start writing or dismissed ideas about creating a course because you don’t consider yourself a writer, you’ll find some practical tips in this post.

30 Second Summary

Writing your ecourse can be pretty straightforward if you:

  • Write what you know and what your audience will benefit from.
  • Write each lesson of your ecourse as if you are talking directly to your audience.
  • Write and organize your content in a way that makes reading easy.

Tips for Writing Content for Your Ecourse

First, know that you don’t have to be a writer to create bankable content. You are not writing for a newspaper or magazine, so your writing doesn’t need to appeal to a broad audience. And an effective ecourse won’t be on a broad topic. You’ll be focused on your a specific problem that your ideal audience has, so your writing will be more specific.

For example, maybe your course is on “Seven Ways to Get Paid to Speak.” This ecourse solves a problem for a specific target audience. And if you’ve chosen a topic already connected to your experience and expertise (the best way to create any product), it’s more than likely you can write this article quite easily.

Another reason it’s easier to write ecourse content is the tone. There is no requirement for the writing to be formal; you are not writing an  APA style research paper. The content for your ecourse can be more conversational, personal – like you are speaking to your audience. You’ll use words not typically found in journalism unless someone is being quoted, words like:

  • I
  • Me
  • We
  • You
  • Your
  • You’ll
  • You’re

Just like when you are writing blog posts, you’ll want your ecourse content easy to read. You’ll break up your content into small chunks, by using headings, subheadings, bullet points, and numbered  lists.

tip for creating contentMy Bankable Tip for Creating eCourse Content Fast

In my Bankable Brilliance Design Intensive, I help my clients with is the content creation process. We create content templates that makes it easy to get their ideas and information out of their heads and into a product. Having a template also provides a reusable structure they can use for all of the lessons in their ecourse. A simple way to do this is to write a rough outline with headlines and subheadings. Then fill in the content with the what you know. For your first draft. don’t worry about spelling and grammar. You can have an editor or use a tool like Grammarly to help with that once you have all your ideas down on paper (or the screen).

After polishing your content with final revisions, you may want to have a one or two trusted colleagues read through your course content. You can even invite a few clients to pilot your ecourse before you do an official launch. With a plan and a template for creating quality content, you’ll be ready to upload your ecourse to your chosen autoresponder in no time.

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