Create Infoproducts that Sell: Build a Credible Online Presence
Tai Goodwin
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How to Create Information Products that Sell: Build a Credible Online Presence

This is part two in the series on creating information products that sell, click here to read part one.  

Big list or small list, without a credible online presence, you will have a hard time selling your information products.

Even if your product is just $9.99, without credibility your chances of selling enough of the product to make a profit are slim. It’s that old adage: People do business with people they know, like, and trust. So before you write that ebook or launch into creating a video course, make sure you’ve done a solid job of creating a highly visible and credible online presence.

Here are 15 tips to help you build a credible online presence:

  1. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars, but a professional logo and website are a big credibility booster (avoid the free blog and website tools).
  2. Include “About Us” and “Contact” pages on your site. Make sure there’s a picture; people want to know who they are doing business with.
  3. Share your awards and education that are relevant to your work. (I started including M.Ed. in my social media profiles, like LinkedIn and saw an increase in the number of times I showed up in people’s search results.)
  4. Join relevant organizations and display your membership on your site. For example, NSA (National Speaker’s Association) or other organization logos on your website can boost your credibility.
  5. Use a real photo on your website and in your business social media profiles. Avatars are cute bit don’t boost your credibility.
  6. Use wisdom when it comes to blending your personal and online reputations. Keep in mind how your personal interactions might affect your business.
  7. Portray a consistent online business image. Whether you’re blogging or participating in social media, be consistent.
  8. Create and publish case studies: they are great ways to establish your expertise with the VIPs in your niche.
  9. When referencing other content in your own content, state your sources. It’s common sense, courtesy and keeps you from looking like a thief.
  10. Collect and publish testimonials from your clients on your website. Aim for detailed testimonials with real names and photos.
  11. Avoid an over-abundance of advertising on your website, it can make your site and its content look cheap.
  12. Highlight any traditional media coverage. Share any places you’ve been featured like newspaper or magazine articles or television programs.
  13. Showcase your digital media exposure too by sharing any podcast, website or other interviews you’ve done.
  14. Seek out guest blogging opportunities on influential blogs in your niche.
  15. Invite guest writers from influential blogs to post on your own website.Speak up. Going along with the crowd isn’t always the right thing. If you have an opinion or advice that is different than most people in your niche, share what you know to be true for you.

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