Learn How to Create, Market, and Sell Your Online Courses and Products and Increase Your Clout, Confidence, and Cash Flow.

Live and Online Training Course for Service-Based Solopreneurs and Small Business Owners



The access anytime modules include instructions, worksheets, special reports, templates, and resource links.


Bring your questions and content to the live sessions and get immediate answers and feedback on your work.


Connect and collaborate with other Boot Camp participants and get even more support and feedback for your courses and products.


Step-by-step guidance that makes it easy for you to create courses and products that sell. 

What Do the Modules Cover?

There are 6 Modules that will help you turn your content into cash flow.


Creating Your Positioned to Profit Playbook

Get clear about your target audience and product goals.

Module 2

How to Design a Product that Gets Results

Learn how to create courses and products that get results.

Module 4

Low-tech, Less-time Options for Building and Delivering Your Product

Learn simple ways to build and deliver your products.

Module 1

The Profitable Product Framework

Find profitable course and product ideas to fill your sales funnel.

Module 3

Rapid Content Creation and Repurposing

Templates and tools for creating your content fast.

Module 5

Budget-Friendly but Bankable Marketing Strategies

Resources to help you promote and launch your courses and products.

About the Author

I'm Tai Goodwin - a certified instructional designer and I've been teaching online since 1999. I have a bachelor's and master's degree in education and a passion for teaching and training. I love using my experience and expertise to help my clients make more money with their message and am an expert at helping them generate passive income. Through webinars, workshops, VIP sessions, and 1-on-1 private work, I've helped hundreds of service-based solopreneurs, authors, speakers, and small business owners turn what they know into online courses and products they can sell.

“Reach more people, change more lives, and grow your wealth!”


(What people say about my classes and working with me)

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

A Much Smarter Way...

I had the pleasure of learning from Tai as she taught, "Monetize Your Expertise." For years I have heard the importance of passive income and having your own information product. While most people will tell you to package what you know, Tai approaches it in a much smarter way. She encourages you to first think of your audience and figure out what they want to buy and how they want to buy it. If you are going to go to the effort to create an info-product, learn from Tai so you can have a profitable one.

Deb Brown (Touch Your Clients' Heart)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

I Used To Get So Frustrated...

Tai’s makes following her tagline of Be Brilliant easy. I’m a numbers person, a geek. While I can string together more than one sentence, marketing is NOT intuitive for me. When trying to work through my marketing campaigns I used to get so frustrated. Then I was in a session with Tai, she was walking us through the mindset of our top avatar when they first visit our website. How we needed to create an environment that starts there, addressing the prospects emotional state and perceived needs. Suddenly I GOT IT. Really understood. It was as if I was trying to use a match to light a whole room and Tai leaned over and flipped the switch illuminating the entire room. Thanks Tai!

Nicole Fende (The Numbers Whisperer)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

...The First Resource I Would Recommend

Tai Goodwin is the most resourceful business coach I have ever met. Her technical skills are excellent and she is an expert at explaining complex information in a way that anyone can understand. She is a master at helping subject matter experts turn their content into courses and workbooks. She helped me design a workbook and college course based on my book, Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months. I never could have completed my project without her. As a professional instructional designer, she is an invaluable resource to any infopreneur or teacher looking to develop instructional materials. Her insight into how to design objectives, measurable outcomes, and interactive course components is where she really shines. She is the first resource I would recommend to anyone looking to repurpose content into a series of information products. I could not recommend her more highly.

Melinda Emerson (The Small Biz Lady)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

In One Single Phone Call...

Tai expertly coached an information product from me that was so good, so concise and so sellable... and it all happened in a single phone call! I'm amazed at how her mind can synthesize so much and turn it into amazing info-products. I highly recommend her work and am rehiring her to help map out my future programs!

Nancy Marmolejo (TAG)

Is This Course Right for You?

Your course is not for everybody, you can use this section to pre-select the customers that will get the best results.


  • Service - based solopreneurs who want to increase their income.
  • Speakers and authors who want a product they can sell online or from the stage.
  • Coaches and consultants who want to establish their authority and credibility.
  • Health and Holistic Practitioners who want to teach more people and change more lives.


  • Internet marketers only interested in making quick money.
  • Those not willing to invest time and effort in learning how to leverage technology to grow their business
  • Wantpreneurs who refuse to learn how to market and sell online
  • Service-based solopreneurs who don't want to make more money and create more free time in their schedule

What's it Cost to Enroll?

Regular Investment: $1299 
 Early Bird Rate: $999 or 4-Payments of $250 (Save $300)

45-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you have actively participated in the Product Creation Boot Camp and are unable to create a course or product within the first 45 days, we will refund your money with no questions asked. Just send me a message. 

Did someone ask about bonuses?

When does the Boot Camp Start?

The Facebook Group will open on November 21st (with access to additional bonuses). Course content will be available November 28th. And the first live session will be December 8th at 1PM CST. Th remaining sessions are December 15th and 29th. January 5th, 12th, and 19th.


Office Hours = Weekly Facebook Events

In addition to the live sessions, I'll be hosting Office Hours in our Facebook group. I'll be there through Facebook Live answering questions, sharing additional tools and tips, and providing "spot light" coaching.


Included Bonuses (valued at over $1000)
  • Copywriting That Converts (value $37)
  • 7 Ways to Build Your List in 30 Days (value $197)
  • 21 Ways to Automate Your Marketing (value $37)
  • Access to my live Webinar Workshop (value $597)
  • The Course Launch Toolkit (value $147)


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