Positioned to Profit Daily Planner [Totally Free Download]

I love planning tools.

Ever since I was introduced to Franklin Covey planners, I’ve been obsessed with planning and project management tools. Over the years I’ve found some planners that were great, but I eventually ended up creating my own planning tool specifically to track what’s most important to me in building my business.

In the first Bankable Brilliance University call for Platinum members, I shared the planning page that I personally use in my business. The two-page Positioned to Profit Weekly Planner is exclusively for Platinum Members. There’s also a one-page daily version of the Positioned to Profit Planner and I am sharing that with you.

Planning Makes Profits

Because I’ve learned that when it comes to business planning – what gets tracked, gets implemented. If you are serious about generating more leads online, building your list, and making more money with your message, you have to pay attention to what works and what doesn’t work based on real data. Not just what you remember or someone else’s stats, but based on what you’ve measured from the action that you’ve taken. It’s the only way to know what works for you. And the best way to figure out what will accelerate your business growth.

planning tipsPlanning Tips

The numbers I track on a weekly basis in my business are: 

  • Income: What invoices have been paid and how much has been generated from product sales.
  • Follow Up Calls: The set number of follow-up calls I will make each day.
  • New Leads: How many new Discovery Calls/Prospecting Conversations are being scheduled each week.
  • Connections: The number of people I will reach out just to stay connected.
  • Referrals: How many referrals will I make to other people in my network.
  • List Subscribers: How many opt-ins to my email list or free webinars.

These are all things you can track on your own using Google Docs, Excel, or your own planning tool. If you don’t have a daily business planner that outlines your goals, feel free to download the Positioned to Profit™ Planner.

[file_download style=”2″][download title=”Positioned%20to%20Profit%20Daily%20Planner” icon=”style3-download_3_64x64.png” file=”http://taigoodwin.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/PositionedtoProfitDailyPlanner.pdf” package=”” level=”” new_window=”Y”][/download][/file_download]
Tai Goodwin

My name is Tai and I am a recovering Christian, truth seeker, and storyteller. I write about education, spirituality, culture, mental health, and womanhood from the perspective of a black-american woman. I struggle with depression; most days I win, some I lose. I also collect books and occasionally read them. And I believe that our words have power.

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