Is Fear of Disappointment Holding Your Success Hostage?
Tai Goodwin
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Is Fear of Disappointment Holding Your Success Hostage?

shift work coachingOne of the things that kept me from pursuing the work, clients, and success I really wanted, was fear of disappointment. I had to make a choice: be content with just imagining success in my mind or decide that disappointment was not going to determine my destiny and then act accordingly.

How to Handle Disappointment

We are human: we all experience disappointment from time to time. Having a quick list of tips to help overcome these emotional disruptions means you can bounce back faster and spend less time being anxious or afraid of what you really want.

Use these tips to help you break free from the fear disappointment:

  1. Give yourself permission to feel what you feel. Tt’s completely normal to feel disappointed and a little down when things don’t work out as you expected. Those feelings are natural. Give yourself adequate space to think about what’s made you upset and how you honestly feel about it.
  2. Focus on the truth of your situation, not what you imagine the outcome to be. Sometimes, we react to an upsetting situation by exaggerating the consequences. For example, when a prospective client chooses not to work with you, you might think, “I’ll never get a paying client. I should give up on my business and just get a job.” The truth is though you may have encountered a setback, there are plenty of chances to find more clients. (If you don’t know where or how, then book your spot in my Profitable on Purpose group.)
  3. Re-evaluate your goals. Are your goals truly aligned with your purpose? Or are you pursuing something you think you should be focusing on? Was your intended outcome something that motivated or excited you? Sort through your feelings with the intention to make a shift. As you revisit your personal and professional goals, don’t be surprised if they have evolved.
  4. Direct your focus back to your larger vision. Disappointment usually makes your vision cloudy. Create a vision board to get back the clarity you need to see what you are working for. Your vision board can include pictures, drawings, and quotes about your purpose, passion, and the prosperity you want to bring into your life.
  5. Narrow your focus to your top 2 or 3 goals. Make one personal and one professional goal your priority for the next month. Write them down, meditate on them, do what you can to keep that goal in the forefront of your mind. This will help you take ownership in creating the results you really want.
  6. Look for the next opportunity to get what you want. The truth is that there are plenty of opportunities to reach your goals and get the results you want. Everyone loses when you make one disappointment the reason you give up on pursuing your purpose. Set an intention to recognize and welcome all the opportunities available to you. Expect that the doors, relationships, information, and resources you need, will show up as you take action.
  7. Decide to move on. You can either wallow in your fear or take the next step toward creating the life and business you want. Eventually, you will learn to be less impacted by the occasional disappointment. That will happen a lot faster if you make every effort to get back on the path to your purpose as soon as you can.

fear of disappointmentSHIFT Work: Go from fearing disappointment to knowing you have everything you need to keep moving.

Here’s an affirmation to help you break free from the fear of disappointment so you can breakthrough to the brilliance you need to share with the world. Click play!

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How often does your fear of disappointment keep you from pursuing what you really want? If you shifted from fearing disappointment to knowing that it is only temporary, how would your life and business change?

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Debra A. Jason says

Had a disappointing experience with a prospect. He actually came back, but at that point I realized he wasn’t an ideal client and it felt good to “let him go” and move on. Thanks.!

Andrea Feinberg says

I’m so glad you brought this up and added the marvelous affirmation! When confronted with a disappointing outcome to a much anticipated initiative, I do my best to look at it from the perspective of learning what happened so I can improve next time. It’s not easy yet it guarantees a win for me every time!

    Tai Goodwin says

    I read somewhere that one of the challenges we face is trying to avoid disappointment rather than just accept that sometimes things don’t work out. And it is 100% okay to be sad when things don’t work out. I think encounters with disappointment help us strengthen our resilience.

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