5 Ways Your Email List Helps You Sell More Information Products
Tai Goodwin
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5 Ways Your Email List Helps You Sell More Information Products

There’s a reason people say “there’s a goldmine in your email list.”

My specialty is helping coaches, consultants and holistic practitioners create information products and signature programs. No matter how brilliant of a product I help them design, they will not be able to profit from the work I do if they don’t have anyone to sell it to. This is why your email list can be a goldmine.

List Building Mistakes that Keep You from Selling Information Products

I say can be, because it depends on how you build it and how you use it. Service-based solopreneurs new to online selling go wrong in both those areas. First, they mistakenly think that quantity outweighs quality. They add any and every one to their email list, whether they are an interested prospect or not. If they have a great opt-in offer, they tend to attract lots of freebie grabbers. Or if they attend lots of networking events, they add every person that they collected a business card from. The end result is a large but unresponsive list.

The second mistake they make is treating their list like a private ATM machine where they make more withdrawals than deposits. They only send emails when they have either have something to sell or they want their audience to attend an event. Their lack of understanding of the sales process leads them to misuse the golden opportunity their email list provides. Sending offer after offer without taking the time to build credibility and trust, makes them less likable. Even interested prospects will unsubscribe if they feel like they are constantly being sold to.

What’s More Important Than the Size of Your Email List

If you are planning on creating information products and selling them to generate passive income, you need an email list that is responsive and engaging. You need a list of people who are willing and able to pay for the solutions your information products provide. It doesn’t have to be a big list: I’d rather have responsive and engaged list of 50 than a list of 5000 that ignores my messages or never clicks the links in my email messages.

list building challengeThis is why I created the 15/15 List Building Challenge. Over 15 days, I deliver 15 tasks you can do in 15 minutes or less to build a profitable email list. An email list of interested prospects that will open your messages, read your articles, and respond to your calls to action. In addition to the 15 email lessons, I host a live webinar each week, sharing examples, tips, resources, and practical list building techniques. There are also two live Q&A sessions to answer your specific questions about building your list. All events are recorded and available for download so if you can’t attend live, you can listen at your leisure.

You can read about all the details and register for the next event: 15/15 List Building Challenge.

Still not convinced your email list should be a top priority?

Here are five reasons your email list is guaranteed to help you sell more information products and more of your services too:

1- People that opt-in to your list have expressed an interest in what you offer. If your opt-in offer is part of a well-designed sales funnel, the very fact that people are subscribing to get that offer let’s you know that people are interested.

2 – You can send targeted messages to your interested prospects. This is why having your own email list is more valuable than Facebook likes and Twitter follows. You have very little control over when someone reads your posts and tweets or what they see. When people opt-in to your list, you can send them messages as often or as little as you like. Yes there’s is still a chance they may not read your message, but the likelihood of them seeing your email message is higher than them seeing your posts or tweets.

3- Having direct access to your subscriber’s inbox gives you the opportunity to create an ongoing virtual dialogue. That simply means that your email messages continue the conversation that begins when someone visits your site or meets you at a live event. Every messages that you send has the potential to increase your know, like, and trust factor. And when the subscribers on your list, know, like and trust you, they buy from you and refer you to other people.

4 – The more they “see” you, the more they think about how you can help them. If your email messages are full of high value content that helps them solve a problem and positions you as a credible source or solution it becomes easier for them to see the value of investing in your products and services. They key here is to find the right frequency that will keep your offerings top of mind. The longer the gap between your messages, the longer it may take for them to keep you in mind. The guideline here is that familiarity breeds trust and ignites responsiveness. You want to avoid being out of sight and out of mind.

5 – If your audience knows you, likes how you work and what you have to offer, and trusts that you are able to help them get results – you will get more yeses to your invitations. Whether it’s an invitation to invest in a product, an invitation to a free consultation, or even an invitation for them to connect with you online, the key to getting more yeses is to build a stronger relationship with your subscribers. The mantra here is people first, profit second. They want to know that you care about them and have a true interest in helping them more than you want to make money off of them.

No matter how brilliant an information product you create, it will only be profitable if you can actually sell it. And your ability to sell it depends more on the quality of your list than the quantity. If you want to sell your information products, make building your email list a top priority.

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