How would your business change if you were highly VISIBLE, highly PAID, and hella-HAPPY?

Girlfriend, it's time to grow your business. The evolve + accelerate group is your ticket to bigger impact and bigger profit.

Which Profit Pothole Are You Stuck In?

Coaches, consultants, and holistic practitioners typically fall into one of three profit potholes that keep them from growing their business. This 6-week experience helps get you unstuck and firmly on the path to growing your business with confidence and ease.

Barely Breaking Even

You love what you do, but your bank account doesn't reflect the hours that you've put in.

What if you could raise your rates and elevate your offers without adding more hours to your schedule? What would that feel like?

Hiding in Plain Sight 

You're on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, but still feel like a best kept secret.

What if you had a practical plan for marketing that resulted in more leads, clients, and referrals? How would that shift your business?

Burning Out

You dream about growing your business. But more hours, or more clients would feel like a night mare. 

What if you knew how to automate, delegate, and put the right systems in place?  Would you say, "Yes!" to having more impact and income?

​​​​I believe:

It's 100% possible to create the success we crave.

Clarity, confidence, and community can change everything.

You already know the answersyou just need a framework and accountability that empowers you to take action

evolve and accelerate group program

I designed evolve + accelerate with you in mind. It's a 6-week group experience for entrepreneurs who are committed to becoming bankable. You are not looking for hype-filled promises, but practical guidance for how to increase your profit without burning out or selling out.

How does the evolve + accelerate group work?


The work we'll do together to create your aligned and bankable business model and marketing plan is based on your Brilliant Zone. You'll get the full version of the assessment so you can see how you map in all four areas. 

Knowing your Brilliant Zone is key to understanding what attracts your ideal clients, the best way to help them get results, and the top marketing tactics for increasing your visibility and credibility with the people you want to serve.

bankable brilliance archetypes

The next group starts May 9th.

This is a small group (12 participants max) experience for ambitious entrepreneurs who are serious about having a bankable and sustainable business. 

The weekly calls are held on Wednesdays at 10AM CST via Zoom. Each call focuses on a specific key component of your business model.

In between sessions, you'll have access to:

  • ME via pop-up coaching sessions in our private Facebook community.
  • Mini video lessons 
  • The tools and templates I have designed to help accelerate your decisions and actions.

You will not be lost in the shuffle or able to fly under the radar.

At the end of our 6 weeks together, you'll be crystal clear about

Your Bankable Brilliance

What's your secrets sauce? We'll define the results you get for clients and what makes you stand out from other offering similar services. As a result, you'll be able to clearly and confidently communicate why YOU are the best solution for your prospects.

Your ideal prospects and clients

Get clear about who your ideal paying clients are, where to find them, and what makes them ready to make a buy decision. This makes it 10x easier to fill your pipeline with qualified leads and convert those leads into paying clients.

Your most profitable offers

Take the guess work out of what to offer.  Based on your Bankable Brilliance Archetype, I'll help you identify and create services, programs, and offerings that will make you more money without draining your energy and time.

How to price so you profit

No more guessing what to charge or basing your pricing off of what other people are charging. You will know exactly how to set your prices for all of your offers.

How to market so people buy

We'll identify the best way to increase your visibility to your right prospects. Your aligned marketing strategy will focus on the top 3 marketing tactics based on how you prefer to show up. 

How to simplify with systems

We'll take a look at the three systems that serve as the back bone of your business. You'll leave with a custom blueprint that will make it simpler for you to do business and easier for your clients to do business with you.

What's included...

  • (6) 90- minute live group training/coaching sessions via Zoom
  • Access to recordings of all live sessions
  • (1) 75-minute private strategy session
  • Private Facebook group to stay engaged with other participants
  • The Bankable Business Model Workbook
  • Aligned Marketing Plan Template
  • Simple Systems Blueprint
Bankable Business Model Workbook

Okay, that sounds good, but will this really work for you? Here's how this will change your business and your bank account.


A Bankable  and Scalable Business Model

Imagine having a clear plan for making consistent profit in your business.  You'll know what numbers you need to hit each month to reach your target income goals.


An easy to implement Aligned Marketing Plan.

Increase your visibility to the right prospects by focusing on your top 3 marketing tactics. You'll create a repeatable system you can use each month to consistently fill your pipeline and convert prospects to paying clients.


 A Simple Systems Blueprint

We'll map out the moving parts of your lead generation, sales, and follow up system. You will be able to take care of your clients throughout the entire customer journey.

Who is this group for?

This group is for entrepreneurs who have been in business at least 2 years. You know you are good at what you do, but you feel like a best kept secret. You are ready stop selling your services and time and step into making consistent profit in your business.

This is for you, if...

  • You've been in business for more than two years.
  • You believe that there is value in what you do.
  • You are willing to invest up to three hours a week in growing your business.
  • You are committed to learning how to build a profitable business.
  • You are open to addressing resistance and fear that comes up.

This is NOT for you, if...

  • You are just getting started and trying to figure out what kind of business to start.
  • You want crock-pot results from a microwave meal.
  • You are unwilling to be actively engaged in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.
  • You're looking for short-term results and willing to take any short cuts you can.
  • You are unwilling to take action and make excuses for not making progress.

Still not sure if this is the right step for you to take?
Click here to schedule a Business Breakthrough call. We'll put our heads together to see if this is the right fit for you, or if there's a better way I can help you.

Tai Goodwin Business Growth Strategist

Who Am I? I'm Tai Goodwin, the creator of the Bankable Brilliance Archetypes and the Conscious Marketing School. As a conscious marketing and business growth strategist for coaches, consultants, and holistic practitioners.

I lead a community of bad ass women entrepreneurs; you can find us on Facebook in the Brilliant Business Girlfriends group. My articles have been featured on Huffington Post,,, and CAREER Magazine. I've also been highlighted by Money Magazine, Black Enterprise, and The BOSS Network.


What past clients have said about working with me...

Star Shepherd-Decker - Radical Revelations

She has helped me to get from a mindset of “I don’t know!” to feeling like I understand my client’s needs and that I know what to focus on in my business. Her ability to tap into intuition, combine it with her personal experience, and tell it like it is, is incredible.

Nicole Fende, The Numbers Whisperer

Nicole Fende - The Numbers Whisperer

I’m a numbers person so marketing is NOT intuitive for me. When trying to work through my marketing campaigns I used to get so frustrated. Then I was in a session with Tai, she was walking us through the mindset of our top avatar when they first visit our website. Suddenly I GOT IT. It was as if Tai leaned over and flipped the switch illuminating the entire room.

lucretia coleman

​​Lucretia Coleman - Your Healthy Vibe

During a 90-minute one-on-one session with Tai, she guided me through a process that helped me experience the “Aha!” moment needed to catapult my business. As a result, I have redefined my target audience and created viable product ideas that I am confident will help meet my client needs and generate income for my business. 

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