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Beyond the Presentation: 5 Ways to Use PowerPoint to Create Content

There are tons of great examples of how not to use PowerPoint. My favorite PowerPoint fail is when presenters read word-for-word from the screen as if we can’t see the content for ourselves.

With many well-intentioned but ill-advised people creating PowerPoint presentations, it’s no wonder why the tool has gotten a bad reputation. But there are several ways to creatively use slides to create content that can:

  • add value for your audience and clients,
  • position you as a credible resource in your field, and
  • generate additional income for your business.

The key is to think outside the box and leverage the flexibility of PowerPoint (or Keynote) to deliver your content. Here are five ideas you can use by repurposing content or slide decks you already have:

#1 – Embed presentations in  your site.

I use a free WordPress plug in called Shortcodes Ultimate. One of the shortcodes allows me to embed a slide show to my post. The embedded slide below is a coaching tool I created in PowerPoint, saved as a PDF, and then used the plugin to add the slide to this post.

[document url=”” width=”560″ height=”480″]Shortcodes Ultimate[/document]

#2 – Create worksheets and hand outs.

The slide that embedded above is actually a worksheet I created for my clients. It’s simply a slide converted to PDF format. One of the advantages to using PowerPoint over Word or another word processing tool is the ability to arrange the elements any way you like. You can organize the layout, add graphics, change font styling, and use color in a way that really grabs your audiences attention. If you are a speaker, handouts and worksheets are a low-cost way to add value for your audience. You can either print them out or send the handouts electronically.

#3 – Create simple videos.

Back when I was an instructional designer, before we had cool tools like Camtasia, SnagIt, or Articulate, we created video courses right in PowerPoint. You can access the ability to record audio to accompany your slides by going to the Slide Show tab and selecting the “Record Slide Show” option. After you’ve recorded audio narration for your slides, simply save it as a movie (.mov). If you need it in a different format like an .mp4 there are several free and for fee video conversion tools you can use. This Wiki-How article has four tools you can use including Amazon Web Services.

powerpoint to create video

BONUS IDEA: This is a great way to take slides you created for a live webinar and repurpose them into a paid video product or bonus item for your clients.

#4 – Create workbooks, ebooks, and reports.

Discover Your Brilliant Zone (shown above) is a workbook I use with my clients. I created it in PowerPoint to take advantage of the layout flexibility. You can have a graphic designer create a reusable template for you, so all of your workbooks and products have the same branding. Another option is to buy presentation templates from Graphic River and customize it yourself.

BONUS IDEA: Customize your products and handouts by creating multiple versions of your slides. I’ve created full versions of products to sell and then scaled back the content to create a teaser or sample that I can give away for free at speaking events.

#5 – Post your content to Slide Share.

Slides that you have used in previous presentations are great sources of content you can repurpose. One of my favorite tools to do this is Slide Share for two reasons. The first reason is that presentations you post to Slide Share can be added directly to your LinkedIn profile. It’s a great way to showcase of your expertise, especially if you are a speaker. The other cool thing about Slide Share is the built in lead generation opportunity. You can send prospects to view a presentation on SlideShare and schedule an opt-in offer to appear after a specific slide. You can even require browsers to opt-in to view the rest of the presentation or download it.

presentation on slideshare

Have these ideas inspired you to rethink how to use PowerPoint to create content?

Whether you are creating marketing materials, handouts for a speaking engagement or a simple product to sell from your site, PowerPoint is an easy to use but powerful content creation tool. How can you incorporate these ideas into your content strategy?

We’ll be covering more tips like this in the upcoming 15/15 Beyond the Book Challenge. Click here to see the full details for this email course focused on helping repurpose your content and rock your profits.


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