Bankable Brilliance: Four Business Lessons from Goldilocks
Tai Goodwin
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Bankable Brilliance: Four Business Lessons from Goldilocks

business lessonsBusiness lessons can be found anywhere, even in a fairy tale like Goldilocks.

Remember the tale about Goldilocks. After getting lost in the forest, she discovers a cottage where she finds porridge, a rocking chair and a bed. For everything she finds, she has to do a little trial and error to get just the right “fit.” The porridge is either too hot or too cold, the chairs are too big or to small, and the beds are too soft or too hard. Looking past the fact that technically Goldilocks is trespassing, there are some business lessons we can learn from this risk taker.

Lesson #1: When it comes to your purpose, distinguish between long-term goals and short-term needs

Goldilocks’ long term goal was to find her way home, but in the meanwhile, her immediate needs were for food and rest. Sometimes we can focus so much on the end result that we forget the things we need to get there. Want to build a sustainable business? Focus today on establishing your credibility, implementing effective marketing systems and offering your clients the best services you can.

Lesson #2: Take advantage of opportunities that you discover

Goldilocks could have kept walking, assuming it was too risky to approach and enter the cottage. Her willingness to take that risk, allowed her to get what she needed. When opportunities to pursue your purpose come along, take them. Years ago I received a job offer to work for Barnes & Noble that required me to relocate to NY. I didn’t know any one there, but working in the training department of B&N was my dream job at the time. A few co-workers were puzzled that I would just pack up and go. Taking that job was a big risk – and a little scary, but it was one of the best decisions I ever made. It opened the door for me to launch my business part-time until I could make the leap to full-time entrepreneur.

Lesson #3: Instead of settling for what doesn’t fit your needs, explore your options

One of the repeated phrases in this story is, “And that one was just right.” Instead of settling for a too soft bed or a too big chair, Goldilocks kept trying until she got the right fit. Sometimes we can be quick to make decisions on offers just as they are presented to us. Brilliant women ask questions, negotiate, look for alternatives or even adjust their course in order to get what they need. Refuse to settle for less than what you need to pursue your vision and grow your business.

Lesson #4: Don’t get too comfortable; know when it’s time to go

In at least one version of Goldilocks’ story, the bears aren’t so friendly when they return home and find Goldilocks in their house. If she hadn’t gotten too comfortable and stayed longer than she should have, she would have been safely onto her next destination. Ever been there? Stayed working a day job longer than you should have because it was comfortable? Or maybe you’ve kept low-paying clients because you didn’t think you could do better. Or, maybe you’ve been hiding from your true purpose because it requires you to show up in a bigger, more brilliant way. Staying where it’s comfortable when you’ve been called to advance stunts your growth and the growth of your business.

Some of the best business lessons come from the most unexpected places. I hope these four lessons from Goldilocks inspire you to pursue your purpose as spirit-conscious solopreneur.

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Dina Lynch Eisenberg says

LOVE this Tai. So often my clients come to me after settling for what they ‘think’ is possible for their infoproduct, instead of designing the exact results they want. Explore! You never know what’s doable until you start doing it!

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