Q + A: How to Use Free Consultations as Part of Your Sales Process

Using free consultations as part of the sales process came up for discussion in one of the Facebook Groups I’m part of. I’m sharing part of the conversation here.

Q: I am on the fence about free consults and really giving this whole process some thought.

I recently did some sales calls where I was putting my focus on connecting and giving a small tidbit of how I could serve them. Well, a couple of them posted a shout out to another “coach” who also had a “free” call with them. Honestly it left me bummed and angry and feeling tricked. They were clearly “freebie seekers” who took up every free call any coach offered and tried to piece their business together through this scattered advice and hiring no one.

I then discovered that another connection I have charges 250.00 for her “discovery” sessions that are 45 minutes!!

What do you think of this? I guess I am just looking for discussion about these calls and how you approach them.


Sales ProcessA: The way you incorporate sales calls into your business depends on your audience, how they find you, and your business/pricing model.

Your Audience…

If you are dealing with entrepreneurs who know they need your solution to grow their business they are easily presold. If you are looking to work with individuals who need life coaching because things are unravelled in their life – they are going to need some trust building and help to invest in themselves.

How they find you…

  • If people find you online, it makes sense to have them pay for an initial “discovery” session at a lower rate rather than offer a free consultation. Why, it weeds out the freebie seekers and sets the standard that your time and expertise is highly valuable.
  • If you meet someone at a networking event and you want to build the relationship – offer them a free 20-30 minute consult.
  • For people that you connect to on Facebook or any social networking site – use a form and ask questions to weed out those who are not serious.

Your pricing and packages…

If you are offering higher priced services or programs, build the time of “free consultations” into your pricing model. Someone willing and able to invest $10,000 working with you is looking for high-touch connection, not to be nickeled and dimed for trust building that comes at the beginning of the relationship.

Ask Yourself…

You have to ask yourself what you are really trying to accomplish with your initial consultation and if you are willing to learn how to use a consultative sales process. If you absolutely hate making sales calls , I recommend adding someone to your team that can help you create and implement a standard sales process. One of the biggest ways we shoot ourselves in the foot is by not learning how to sell. Even if you you plan on having a team member dedicated to sales, you still need to understand how it works and how to employ at least the most basic sales tactics.  No matter how intuitive we are, we still need to learn the sales process if we want to build a sustainable business.

Should you stop doing free consultations?

I wouldn’t give up on using free consultations as part of your sales process because you had a few sessions with people who clearly just wanted to take advantage of your opportunity. Choose a way to handle things and do it consistently for three months and track what happens. Keep track of:

  • who shows up/applies
  • who kicks the tires
  • who seems genuinely interested, and
  • how many consultations it takes to get to a sale

For the calls where you have a successful conversion, note what worked – about the person and your approach – and then replicate that to get more conversions.

I wrote an article on a different way to think about free consultations, that has additional information: SHIFT Work – Rethinking Your Free Consultations.



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