Heineken’s World Apart Ad: It’s Not a Solution, But it is a Start

There are some people that think this ad is on par with Pepsi’s recent train wreck of a commercial. I disagree. I think that it’s a start – they had 4 minutes to propose an idea. Instead of setting people up for a direct debate, which is sure to make both sides feel on the defense – they create a situation where the connection starts with a common goal, neutral curiosity, and a feeling of accomplishment as a team.
While it may not create a life altering change, it can create ripple that can evolve into a bigger transformation. You cannot force people to change their ideology or belief, but what can happen, if people are open to it, a curiosity can be sparked that invites them to question their bias, discrimination, bigotry, sexism, racism, classism, etc. without feeling like they need to put up defensive walls which keep them from hearing anything that opposes their own beliefs. 
I wonder what would happen if we stopped thinking that we have “challenge” everything and started thinking about how we could spark curiosity that causes people to question their assumptions and judgement. Don’t get me wrong, some situations call for challenging people, but not all transformation is created equal.
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