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Repurposing Profits: Three Info Product Ideas for Business Authors

Last week I posted a list of 50 info product ideas for coaches and consultants. Today I want to share a few specific ideas from that list that are perfect for business authors.

The main ways business authors leverage their book is through speaking and consulting. Depending on your experience and positioning, business authors can earn anywhere from $5,ooo to $25,000 per speaking engagement or consulting project. And some well known authors with large followings and niche expertise can earn even more.

If you are a business author looking for ways to monetize your expertise beyond books sales, speaking and consulting, here are three ideas that will not only bring you an additional stream of income, but also provide value to your audience.

Info Product Idea #1: Workbooks

Workbooks can be created to accompany your book or as a stand alone product that extends the application of ideas in your book. Workbooks are great for back of the room sales, package offers for corporate audiences, and as a product sold directly from your website. Rather than deliver your workbook online, it’s best delivered as a physical product. It could be a bit of a hassle for your clients to download and print a 30 to 50 page PDF. You can use a company like Vervante for on-demand printing. Vervante will print, package and deliver your products for you.

Warning About Creating Workbooks

Do not simply add questions to a word document, convert it into a PDF and call it a workbook. There are questions, and then there are powerful questions that trigger learning and inspire action. One of the benefits of working with an instructional designer (like me) is that they understand how to create true learning activities and reflection questions that enhance your content.

An example of a workbook, I helped create is Are You Ready to Become Your Own Boss? by Melinda Emerson.

Info Product Idea #2: Assessments

Strengthsfinder, Fascinate, DiSC – all of these are assessments that people and companies pay for to learn more about themselves and their abilities. If your book identifies different personality types, work-styles, strengths, interests, or any other distinction that allows a person to gain insight into themselves and improve their performance, it’s worth it to explore creating an assessment. You can create paper-based assessments or online assessments. A bonus of online assessments is that some tools allow you to capture anonymous data which you can then publish and use in your research, or to develop additional products or books.

Info Product Idea #3: eCourses

eCourses are one of the simplest, lowest tech info products to create and offer your audience. All you need is an autoresponder like Get Response and 5-7 objectives based on your book. For each objective you’ll add content (repurposed from your book) and an activity or action. If you wanted an upgraded tech version of an ecourse you could create video lessons and send a link to each lesson via email.

Even Oprah Winfrey has launched into the info product world by offering a ecourses, like the one with Brene Brown.  A great example of an ecourse I helped a client create is Smart Mail for Sales. It’s an ecourse for sales professionals on how to write more effective email messages includes video lessons and weekly assignments.

Selling Infoproducts ReportWhy Info Products are a Bankable Idea for Business Authors

At the core of an info product that provides value is great content. As a business author you are already equipped with great content – your book. With the right guidance and frame work you can easily repurpose your book into a profitable info product you can sell online or from the stage. Of course it’s easier said than done if you don’t have the right elements in place to actually sell what you create. The only thing worse than boxes of unsold books is unsold products.

Before you launch into creating ecourses, workbooks or assessments, it would be wise to evaluate whether or not you are actually positioned to profit with info products. Grab a copy of Will It Sell? Five Secrets to Highly Profitable Courses, Online Products, and Coaching Programs. It’s my free report that will help you determine if your info product ideas will be profitable.

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