[Intuitive Guidance] Feeling Stuck? What Have You Been Unwilling To Do? | Tai Goodwin
Tai Goodwin
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do what you have been unwilling to do

[Intuitive Guidance] Feeling Stuck? What Have You Been Unwilling To Do?

What’s the one thing that you KNOW you need to do, but you have been unwilling to do it?

Resistance feels like being stuck. You’ve reached a point where there is no turning back. And to go forward requires you to do a thing that will stretch you.
You won’t break; but stretching can be uncomfortable – especially if you haven’t done it in a while.
Stop asking for clarity when you won’t take action on what you already know. The haze and fog blocking your vision is the smoke that comes from revving your engine while you are in park.
Your hand is on the gear shift. Take yourself out of park.
DO the thing you have been unwilling to do and watch things begin to shift for you. Energetically, financially, emotionally – the very thing that you need is connected to your willingness to act in your own best interest.
Who’s brave enough to share the thing that they have been unwilling to do? Who’s brave enough to commit to doing it? Share in the comments if you feel bold?

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