Is It Working? Five Questions to Help You Shift Into Your Purpose

I’ve learned that it’s the small steps that ignite the change that moves us closer to our purpose in life and living out who we are meant to be.

We tend to overlook the small things, especially in a world where the big wins are plastered over Facebook and social media. Have you ever felt like everybody else’s success is whizzing past you at the speed of light, but the opportunities and recognition you want are hard to come by?

Guess what, I’ve been there too. It wasn’t until I was willing to do an honest reality check that I was able to step into my purpose. To truly own my gifts, honor my experience, and open the door to the people, and resources that would shift me from surviving to thriving. So I want to share with you a little of my story, with full hope that you will be able to see connections to where you are now, and most importantly – that you will be able to envision growing to where you want to be. Whether it’s leaving your day job, or growing your business to six-figures, or even just being able to say out loud and without hesitation or doubt, the work that you feel called to do.

My Story

story part of your purposeI started my business in 2008 while I still had a day job. I was passionate, I was talented, I was willing to work hard. I grew what at that time was pretty big following on social media. I remember walking into events in other states and people saying they knew me from my website or they were getting my emails. It felt good to get that kind of recognition. But that recognition didn’t translate into enough paying clients for me to leave my job. I spent 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 facing the same battle. I kept getting more and more recognition, more and more invitations, and even more clients – but it wasn’t sustainable.

The first reason it wasn’t sustainable: The flow of clients was inconsistent – it is hard to maintain a quality of life when in some months your business makes $5,000 and in others you barely make $500. But when we come from a place of doubt and lack, we learn how to be comfortable with those feelings instead of making an unwavering commitment to what we truly. What have you gotten comfortable with that’s keeping you from the success you really want in your business?

The second reason it wasn’t sustainable: There was no way I could continue to work at that pace. I was working up to 30 hours a week on top of my day job. And I’m embarrassed to think what my hourly wage would have been if I did the math. We have a tendency to avoid looking at the numbers because we don’t want to face the truth that the busyness we are engaged in is not working. When you think about the hours you are investing in your business, is it working? The hours you spend away from your family, away from the things you really enjoy, the hours you spend not taking care of yourself – is it working?

woman thinking about purposeThat’s the reality check I wish someone had asked me. – IS it Working?

I can say that now but to be honest, if someone had asked me that back then, I probably would have lied and said yes. My ego wouldn’t have let me tell the truth to myself, let alone someone else. And I allowed my fear to keep me from making the change I desperately needed. We get really good at telling ourselves that what we are doing is working, even when the outcome clearly says something different. Have you ever had a case of denial – where you refuse to pay attention to all the signs telling you it’s not working?

Are You Ready to Step Into Your Purpose?

Are you tired of over working and under-earning? Are you tired of watching other people rise while you continue to play small? Are you willing to take another step toward what you really want?

Maya Angelou said – when we know better we do better.

I want to give you five questions to help increase your awareness, so that you know better about what’s really standing in your way. And then I am going to give you one action – because awareness without action will not get you very far.

So here’s your five question reality check:

  1. Are you living like your purpose is an option, instead of a calling?
  2. Are you frustrated because no matter what you try, you have been unable to move forward?
  3. Do you constantly compare yourself to other people and get overwhelmed with feeling like you are not good enough or not ready?
  4. Do your current environment and relationships support you or saddle you by draining your energy and resources?
  5. Have you settled for flying by the seat of your pants instead of setting meaningful intentions and taking consistent action?

Now I know these questions might be heavy. They might even scare you a little bit. I also know that the only way to get to where you want to be is to face the truth and commit to taking the next step.

I said earlier that awareness without action won’t get you very far. Here’s the simple action I want you to take right now to start changing your inner game. Grab a piece of a paper and write down this affirmation:

My purpose is not an option, it’s a calling. And I give myself permission to let go of everything that doesn’t serve what I’ve been called to do.

Write it and say it for the next 30 days with the expectation that everything you need to take the next small step is lining up for you.

3 Massive MistakesNow that we’ve gotten a reality check on your inner game, let’s talk about your outer game.

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Tai Goodwin

My name is Tai and I am a recovering Christian, truth seeker, and storyteller. I write about education, spirituality, culture, mental health, and womanhood from the perspective of a black-american woman. I struggle with depression; most days I win, some I lose. I also collect books and occasionally read them. And I believe that our words have power.

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