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Marketing Your Message With Webinars

WebinarOffering free webinars is one of the best ways to market your message and promote your products and services.

Whether you are an author, coach, consultant or speaker, if you have a message that you need to get out to your VIPs (Very interested prospects), webinars can help. With the right tools, they’re easy to produce and can be a powerful opportunity to connect with your ideal audience.

Why are webinars great ways to market your message?

Webinars give your VIPs a chance to see the real you.

It’s one thing to read your blogs and social media posts on Facebook and Twitter. It’s a more personal experience to see your face on video or to hear your voice on audio. Webinars go one step further by allowing your audience to see you in your raw unedited form – and that’s actually a good thing. People get a real look at you with no editing.

Multimedia addresses different learning styles.

The best webinars use several media components at once. There’s video, audio, slides and other interactive onscreen elements like polls or white boards. Good visuals not only add structure and help the flow of your presentation, they also keep your audiences attention. Depending on your software, you can also include screenshares of websites or live demos. You can even include pre-recorded content snippets as part of your presentation.

Webinars give your audience a chance to engage with you.

People do business with people they know, like and trust. Live webinars increase trust because instead of just talking to your audience, they get to engage in a two way conversation with you. Whether by asking live questions or communicating via chat. Webinars also give you an opportunity to see responses from and respond to your audience. In some cases participants can even send in questions before the event. (You can answer the best questions live, then answer the other questions in your blog and newsletter.) Bottom line: you can build lots of credibility when the audience can see you addressing their concerns in real time.

Well-done webinars can lead to increased sales.

When participants are your VIPs (not just random people taking advantage of a freebie), your webinar becomes a great sales tool. At the end of a highly engaging webinar where you’ve provided valuable content in your unique style, it’s the perfect time to make an offer to the VIPs you have been sharing with. Be prepared with a great offer on the call and remind them of the offer in your follow up messages and watch the sales come in.

Your first webinar may take a little time to set up and your learning curve will depend on the tool you use. The long-term benefits of trust, credibility, and accessibility outweigh the investment to setup the technology.  Factor in that webinars can help you bring in more sales and the return on your investment is easy to see.

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