The 15/15 Blogging Challenge: Enhance Your Blog Post in 15 Minutes
Tai Goodwin
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Enhance Your Blog Post in 15 Minutes (Excerpt from the15/15 Blogging Challenge Ebook)

Over 200 people participated in the 15/15 Blogging Challenge I hosted with M. Shannon Hernandez, The Writing Whisperer. Using my R3 Product Creation System, I’ve created an ebook which is now available for purchase. The video below gives you the details on what’s included in the product bundle. 

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Your copy of the 15/15 Blogging Challenge Bundle includes: 

  • The 15/15 Blogging Challenge 70+ page ebook
  • The Ultimate Content Creation Webinar (mp3 download + slide deck)
  • Strategic Blogging for Your Service-based Business (mp3 download + slide deck)
  • 20% Discount on The Blogging Crash Course

Here’s an excerpt from the 15/15 Challenge Ebook: Challenge 5 – Enhance Your Blog Post in 15 Minutes

Today I’ve got some pretty cool tweaks and tools to help you enhance those brilliant blog ideas you’ve come up with.

Be Strategic About Color

Red = excitement, yellow = optimism, and blue = trust. Are you using the right colors in your blog? Check out this infographic that explains color theory. Then use Color Scheme Designer to find the perfect color combinations for your blog.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Clicks

Blog posts with pictures get more views and reads than post with no pictures. Some people naively use pictures they find from a Google image search without having the copyright to those images (Don’t Do That!). A better way to find images is using the Editorial Assistant plugin from Zemanta. It let’s you search and source images that have Creative Common license and include the proper attribution.

Write Better Post Titles

People pay thousands of dollars for expert copywriting for everything from headlines to sales pages, to entire email marketing campaigns. The free Headline Analyzer helps you improve your copywriting skills by rating your headlines or blog post titles. You’ll also learn if they connect on an intellectual, empathic, or spiritual level. The higher your score, the better your title.

Create Internal Links

We talked about the value of backlinks (links to other sites) in our group this week. But did you know that there is also big SEO value in having internal links on your site? It’s one of the reasons plug-ins like nRelate  and LinkWithin are great. These WordPress plugins automatically find related posts within your site and list the links to those articles in your post. You can also do the same thing with Editorial Assistant mentioned above.

Leverage Curation Tools

In our kick-off audio, Shannon talked about the value of curating content. There are a number of tools that help you do that. Two of my favorite are and One of the things to love about is the WordPress plugin that let’s you add your lists right to your posts. You can easily create a list a week in under 15 minutes and share it to your blog and social networks.

1515_day5Today’s Challenge: Optimize Your Blog Post!

Choose one of the options above to explore. Think about how you can use it to enhance your blog content and create a better experience for your readers and VIPs. Don’t worry, you can always go back and try out all of the cool tools listed above, but today, just choose one.

The 15/15 Blogging Challenge Ebook has 14 other brilliant ideas for helping you create a blog that attracts your VIPs(Very Interested Prospects).

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