Are Your Preferences Keeping You From Building a Profitable Business?

As message-based entrepreneurs, there are three things that until we get them right, we will stay stuck: Purpose, Profit, and Preference.

Your business is built on a purpose.

There are people, audiences, and communities you have been called to serve. For some of you, there are movements that you have been called to start. If it’s just an option, you can quit at any time. If it’s your purpose, you need to dig in and hold fast.

Your business needs to make a profit.

If that makes you uncomfortable you have two options: Get a day job and volunteer your services, or do the SHIFT work required to welcome the idea of earning a profit from the results you bring to the people you serve.

Your preference needs to lean in the direction of doing what you need, to build your business.

You may not be thrilled about marketing your message, but it’s your message and your responsibility. You might prefer to not have to ask people to invest in working with you. What you are really saying is that you prefer to go back to working a 9 to 5, or losing your home, or not eating.

Bottom Line: Stop letting your preferences keep you from building a profit based on your purpose.

Tai Goodwin

My name is Tai and I am a recovering Christian, truth seeker, and storyteller. I write about education, spirituality, culture, mental health, and womanhood from the perspective of a black-american woman. I struggle with depression; most days I win, some I lose. I also collect books and occasionally read them. And I believe that our words have power.

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