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Program Design Feedback

No matter how brilliant you are, you will never be bankable if you can’t close the sale. I’ve put together a program on how to increase the success of your sales conversations.

Bankable Sales Conversations: Turning Prospects Into Customers Without Being “Salesy”

At the end of this program, you’ll be able to:

  • Define your target sales figures needed to meet your revenue goals
  • Identify your current rate of converting prospects into paying clients so you can decide what needs to improve
  • Pinpoint what your prospects want so you can match your offer to what they are looking for
  • Tackle the mindset issues that block you in the sales process, so you can put aside the gremlins in your head and sell with confidence
  • Discover the value of using free strategy sessions to convert prospects to clients, without being ‘salesy’
  • Make your free sessions inviting so that you’ll get the sign ups you need to meet your targets
  • Describe your offer and the value it brings to the table, making it a natural next step for people to say “yes”
  • Set up systems that make it easy for clients to book sessions and pay for programs
  • Skillfully conduct high-converting strategy sessions that provide value to prospects while leading naturally to more sales
  • Confidently address common concerns that come up during a sales call so that you can reassure prospects about their purchase
  • Create multiple channels to entice qualified prospects to sign up for your free consultation, so that you only speak to people who are interested and ready to buy

This program will launch in July, in time for you to implement things in August and start of September with more of your ideal clients, paying the rate you desire.

My next step is determining the format and pricing. Help me by answering the following questions and you’ll receive a $100 off the price of the program. Answers must be submitted by Friday, June 22nd.

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