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LIVE WORKSHOP: Friday, April 6th @ 10AM - 1PM CST

The story we've been told is that you have to have a big list in order to make money online. That's what a lot online marketing gurus and coaches teach. And many of them have stories of their 10K list and 6-figure product launches. That's great, when it works. But it's a lot of work. And they often forget to tell you just how much it cost them to get a list that size. Or they leave out that event though they made 6-figures, their profit actually in the low 5-five figures after all the expenses were paid.

You and I, are not online marketers. Our business is not based on faceless followers and hyped up offers. We grow our business through relationships, value, and results. And we can use this same approach to grow an engaged and responsive email community.

If you've been struggling to build an email list there are three things I want you to know: 

  • You are not alone: I've encountered many coaches, consultants, and holistic practitioners who know that email marketing can be an essential tool in growing their business. Yet, they haven't figured out how to use it effectively.
  • It's not the size of your list that matters: To be successful with email marketing, you don't have to spend hours upon hours trying to grow your list to thousands of subscribers. You can focus on building a highly engaged email list of your ideal prospects - people that want to hear what you have to say and want your invitations and offers.
  • Using an online quiz as your opt-in offer is a win/win situation: Whether you are creating a new list or looking to re-engage with a list that hasn't heard from you, when done right, an online quiz provides value and insight to you and your subscribers.

I created Quizology to show heart-centered entrepreneurs like you how to magnetize and engage your ideal clients so you can generate more sales and grow your business.

Here's a breakdown of exactly what you'll get:

1 - Your Quiz Marketing Strategy

  • Choosing the goal of your quiz. 
  • The different quiz formats and how to choose the right one.
  • How to make sure your quiz has value for you and your audience.

2 - Your Quiz Creation ​Blueprint

  • A template for creating quiz questions and results.
  • Best practices for designing quiz questions.
  • How to create tags that segment your list in your email system.

3 - Online Quiz Technology Guide

  • What to look for in a quiz creation tool.
  • Review of the top 5 quiz platforms.
  • How to set up integration and automation with your email service provider.

(till March 30th,  then it's $297) 

Here's what your registration includes.

Unlimited Live + Replay Access

In addition to this scheduled event, you get access to all future live Quizology workshops at no cost. No matter how much new stuff is added.

Quiz + Grow Rich Checklist

From ideation to implementation to promotion, this checklists walks you through everything step you'll need to roll out your opt-in quiz successfully.

Quizology Facebook Group

Get feedback, testers, and support for your quiz and opt-in process. There will also be opportunities to find cross promotion partners. PLUS exclusive community resources.

How the Workshop Works!

The live workshop is scheduled for 3 hours with two breaks. It will be recorded, so if you can't make it live you still get access to the class.

The live workshop will be delivered webinar style. You will have the opportunity to ask questions. If you can't attend live, you can post your questions in the Facebook group.

There will be some optional pre-work that will help you take action faster during the workshop, where you will actually have a chance to work on your questions.


Videos in 30-Minutes or Less 

A live class on April 20th with Suzanne Feinberg of PowerVision360 on how to increase quiz completion with video. (Recording will be available)

Email Follow Up Templates

After people opt-in to your list, your follow up messages are critical in nurturing them to take action. You'll receive a 5-message template you can use to keep subscribers engaged.

50 Quiz And Question Ideas

Need ideas or prompts to help you design your quiz. I'm sharing a brainstorm of quiz ideas and questions you can use for inspiration.

Feedback from Quizology Participants

I had an idea for an opt-in quiz and had no idea how to create it. Ultimately, I was thinking of strategically using it to learn about those who took it, but was at a loss on how to put that into words.

My biggest takeaway...I can create a quiz, one around my biz topic that is fun material for me to put together. It feels like a fun, creative, engaging way to connect to my dream clients and I was making it harder than it has to be. This workshop showed be that it isn't difficult and that it can be beneficial to both me and the quiz taker!

Karen Martin, The Copy Charmer

Karen Martin

The Copy Charmer

My biggest takeaway is that it all boils back down to the Avatar and the archetype persona and how well you know this persona and can identify the pains and frustrations that you can create solutions for.

I have liked Tai ever since I met her through Lead pages certification courses and coaching calls.Tai is very communicative and can take very complex ideas and break it down into simple bite size pieces easily digestible. It was the best version of quiz training I have been through to date.

Suzanne Feinberg, PowerVision 360

Suzanne Feinberg

PowerVision 360

(till March 30th,  then it's $297) 

Frequently Asked Questions

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How is a quiz different from a survey?

What if I am not tech savvy?

How long will it take me to have a quiz I can actually use?

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I believe this course will transform your business and marketing. So much so, that I offer a  30 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the course content, or you don't feel it is for you, simply email us to get the entire cost of the course refunded.

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