The Sanctuary Weekend Retreat

September 13th-16th, 2018
Stanchfield, MN

FUel Your Spirit. Amplify your message. Ignite your community. 

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You have a vision, and a message, and know that you are called to have a bigger impact. 

BUT... Stepping out and being more visible can be scary. At times, it can feel lonely. Your are always ahead of the curve. The people around you don't always see what you see. And it requires that you leave what's comfortable and known to step out into uncertainty.

Sometimes there isn't anyone to show you the way because you are creating it - not just for yourself, but for those who you are called to lead.

And that's another thing - it requires you to lead. People will be watching and listening and judging...

YET...You know that you need to be seen and heard and that you are called to have a bigger impact.

What if there was a sacred space and community with the sole purpose of helping you become clear and confident about your message so you can show up in your full brilliance?

The Sanctuary Weekend Retreat is that space and that community. 

It's for women who are ready to step into their brilliance and show up as leaders.

Your Host: Tai Goodwin

 Vision Midwife and Bankable Brilliance Mentor 

Most people don't believe I am introvert, but it's true. I'd rather curl up with a book and a blanket than attend a networking event. And my perfect weekend is when I don't have to see anyone.

Yet, I know that there are people who cannot step into their purpose, until I step into mine. So I show up and I serve. I speak up and embrace being visible.  

My vision for the Sanctuary Weekend Retreat is to help more women show up and serve with confidence and embrace being visible instead of clinging to the shadows.


This event is open to all, and especially designed  for those who identify as introverts, ambiverts who lean more towards introversion, empaths, or highly-sensitive.

A few details about the retreat...

It's All Inclusive!
Just bring your brilliance. From the opening dinner on Thursday night to breakfast on Sunday - your training, meals, snacks, and lodging is included.

You'll Have a Private Room.
You won't have to worry about finding a roommate or sharing a room with a stranger.

Time & Space for You
Time for workshops, small group conversations, and personal downtime are built into the schedule.

Is this experience calling to you?

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