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Tai Goodwin
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Shift Work: Choosing to Let Go vs Giving Things Up

Job dissatisfaction - career quittingI’ve never been a coffee drinker. For years, my morning wake up drink was Diet Pepsi. It was also my mid-morning, afternoon, and after dinner wake up too. The truth: I was addicted to the stuff.

After several failed attempts to break free from my diet soda addiction, I finally went cold-cold turkey about a month ago.

Why did I stop drinking Diet Pepsi?

  • I hated “needing” to have one. At one point I was drinking up to six 12 oz cans a day. Some days it was even more. And when I stopped drinking it, I would get headaches and become irritable and sluggish.
  • It was hurting me more than it was helping. The slight energy boost I was getting from the caffeine was not worth what the stuff was doing to my body. A few years ago, I had a filling fall out. The dentist told me that it was the diet soda I was drinking. In addition to rotting your teeth, diet soda contributes to obesity, chronic fatigue, kidney problems, and heart problems.
  • The financial repercussions. So maybe the soda was itself was only costing a few hundred dollars a year. But add in the doctor and dentist bills for symptoms that I was causing by drinking soda, and the cost begins to grow.
  • I want to feel better. When I turned 40 last year, my body started letting me know exactly how it felt about my lack of exercise and poor eating habits. I’d rather take control now by improving my diet so I can avoid having my body controlled by medicine later.

How did I do it?

shift_letgo_500After failing twice this year, I was able to successfully stop drinking Diet Pepsi once I made a shift in my thinking: I was not giving something up, I was choosing to let something go.

Giving something up implies that we are making a sacrifice. It implies that we are surrendering. I am not sacrificing Diet Pepsi and I am not surrendering to it either. What I am choosing to do is let go of something that is harming me, something that doesn’t serve me or my purpose.

As I prepare for 2014, there are a few other things on my list that I am choosing to let go. I’ve got a vision for the clients I want to serve and for the Called + Confident movement. I can’t do the things I need to do if I hold onto the things that are weighing me down.

What about you? What will you choose to let go of so you can be prepared to step into your purpose?

About the Author Tai Goodwin

Tai Goodwin on a mission to help 10,000 women entrepreneurs create more joy and wealth in their life and business. She's the CEO of Aligned + Bankable and creator of the Bankable Brilliance Course. An intuitive business growth strategist and teacher, her specialty is helping clients create bankable business models that allow them to increase their impact and income without burning out. Tai is a former corporate trainer with a master's degree in instructional design and over 20 years of experience designing course, training programs, and certifications. She is also the author of Girlfriend, It's Your Time and founder of Brilliant Business Girlfriends.

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Stephanie LH Calahan says

Congratulations on letting things go that are harming you!! Woot!! I let go of soda/pop/cola a number of years ago. (Along with a lot of other things.) Keep up the great work.

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