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FREE GIFT: Map Your Brilliant Zone and align your business to the way you are wired to serve!

This is a special gift to help you activate the Alignment Advantage in your business. 

Knowing your Brilliant Zone empowers you to increase your impact and income without selling out or burning out.

Map your Brilliant Zone and discover:

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    Your primary Bankable Brilliance Archetype.
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    How you rank in each of the four Bankable Brilliance Archetypes.
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    Product and service offerings that align with each archetype.

I'm Tai Goodwin. My super power is helping you make your brilliance bankable!

The world needs your brilliance. There are people who can't step into their purpose until you step into yours. My work is about empowering you to build a bankable brand and business in away that honors your brilliance and the way you are wired to serve. I help entrepreneurs in the transformation industry create aligned business models and discover new revenue streams so they can be brilliant and undeniably bankable.

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