Hiding In Plain Site vs. Strategic Visibility (Part 1 of 4) | Tai Goodwin
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Hiding In Plain Site vs. Strategic Visibility (Part 1 of 4)


Lots of people say they want it, but very few are willing to put in the work to have the kind of visibility that actually gets them paying clients or creates bankable opportunities.

In the next four posts, I am going to share a few short examples, so you can see what it actually looks like when folks are resisting the very visibility they crave. (Note: This strategic visibility strategy started out as a series of posts on Facebook.)

Part 1

“Do you really want to attract clients who pay you what your rates should be?”

“Yes.” She said.

“Then stop choosing ideal clients that need to be rescued.”

We both sat in silence for a full minutes. I could tell she was uncomfortable. Another full minute passed, and then I heard the soft sobs. I sat on the other end of the phone, 100% with her through what she was feeling.

When her breathing returned to normal, she said, “But when I needed help, there was no one there. And now I want to be there for other women who need help, because no one shows up.”

“Well when you finally got tired of things, what did you do?”

“I started reading books about how to think differently. Then I hired a coach and started doing my work.”

“And before you started reading books, what did you do?”

“I was miserable. I complained. I was hanging out with people who complained. And I hated it.”

“When did the book, and your coach show up? Was it when you were miserable and complaining? Or once YOU decided that you had enough?”

“Everything showed up after I decided, I had enough.”

strategic visibility with Tai Goodwin“So is fair to say that the book and your coach were there the entire time you were miserable and complaining. They only became visible to YOU, when you decided that you wanted to change?”

“I never though about it that way.”

“What do you think it’s costing you when your visibility is focused on people who aren’t looking for you?”

Maybe there’s nothing wrong with your message. Maybe you are just putting it in front of people who aren’t ready for you. How long are you going to keep doing that and get frustrated when nothing seems to be working.

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Tai Goodwin on a mission to help 10,000 women entrepreneurs create more joy and wealth in their life and business. She's the CEO of Aligned + Bankable and creator of the Bankable Brilliance Course. An intuitive business growth strategist and teacher, her specialty is helping clients create bankable business models that allow them to increase their impact and income without burning out. Tai is a former corporate trainer with a master's degree in instructional design and over 20 years of experience designing course, training programs, and certifications. She is also the author of Girlfriend, It's Your Time and founder of Brilliant Business Girlfriends.

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