More of This…Less of That – An Affirmation for (Overworked) Visionary Women

Our words and our thoughts are powerful.

As visionary women we know that we manifest what we give attention to. What many of us have yet to learn is that avoidance creates voids and gaps in our path that keeps us from getting what we really want.

It’s why we can think positively about meeting our soul mate, and then nullify the strength of our desire because we are avoiding dealing with past hurts and wounds that put a brick wall around our hearts.

It’s why we can create vision boards about the profitable business we want to create, and then try to avoid the discomfort of making true changes to how we work and whom we serve so wind up brilliantly branded but broke.

It’s why we say we want more balance in our lives, and then avoid setting boundaries and making time for taking care of ourselves, ending up burned out, depressed, and eventually physically sick.