Why Branding Your Business Is an Inside Job

Choosing the right branding can be hard.

Names, tag lines, colors, logos, unique selling points, values, key words, language, style, tone, focus, reputation – there is so much to consider when it comes to branding your business. And we are desperate for branding that is catchy and cool. A special combination of branding elements that will surely make us stand out from the crowd and magically cause prospects to fall under our spell and sign up for our services. If we could just get the right wording, the perfect WordPress template, the most unique graphic styling – then our marketing would be easy – or so we think.

I’m embarrassed to think about how much time I used to spend comparing myself to other people on line. It used to happen to me every time I came across a website with someone that had a catchy title, or a stand out tagline. Or when I would come across a cool layout or design that someone was using for their blog. All of a sudden what I had come up with wasn’t as catchy or cool to me and off I would go to sulk until I came up with something cleverer or more cutting edge. What a waste of time, money and energy.

Some of my clients have pretty clever names that they spent lots of time and money having someone help them come up with. Others are struggling in a sea of over-branding and hype to find the perfect title or tagline. Then some are caught in a perpetual cycle of rebranding. In all cases, branded and unbranded, they are still having a hard time:

  • Finding and connecting with their ideal paying clients
  • Offering the right services at the right price point
  • Marketing their services to their ideal audience with confidence

They think the problem and the solution is in their branding. They think if they change their colors, get a name and tagline that “pops,” or get a newly designed blog or business card that looks unique enough, that all the paying clients they know are out there will suddenly come running to their website.

Your Marketing Results Won’t Get Better Until Your Confidence Does

No matter how many Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin Tutorials you watch, better marketing results will be a day dream until you shift your attitude.

Two requirements for effective marketing

One of the number one reasons clients seek me out is to help them create an online marketing strategy. They want to know how to get more traction with Twitter. They want to know how to get more likes on their Facebook page. They want to know how to turn all of those contacts they’ve amassed in LinkedIn into real prospects. All of those are legitimate questions and I have an answer that addresses all of those questions: consistency and confidence.

Effectively marketing your message, products and services online and offline requires that you confidently and consistently target the right audience, with the right content, and the right calls to action. Some of my clients get it. Others are disappointed in my simplistic response and off they go looking for a quick fix to a long term relationship problem. Anyone that’s married or in a long term relationship knows that quick fixes rarely work and often lead to more heartbreak and hassle.

Marketing is all about relationship building. The best service-based professionals understand that better marketing results are never just about the tools and platforms, but about the connections we forge with our VIPs (very interested prospects). This is why confidence is so critical to marketing.

Think about this: Would you willingly date someone with low self-esteem, that didn’t believe in themselves, and was so fearful of being rejected they never really showed up in or committed to the relationship? If you answered yes to that, I am sure there’s a Dr. Phil episode somewhere that can help you. If you know your worth, are confident about what you bring to a relationship and have healthy boundaries and expectations, you would never willingly step into a relationship with someone like I described above. Yet many of the women I work with are asking potential customers to do just that.