SHIFT Work: Are You Afraid to Make Money?

Why is it that those who could probably do the most with money, are often the same brilliant women who are afraid to make it?

Now they may tell you that they aren’t afraid to make money. In their words, “Money just isn’t that important to me,” or “I don’t need to make a million dollars.” Both of those self-fulfilling phrases are tainted with fear.

“Money just isn’t that important to me.”

If money is not important to you, you will never charge what you are worth. I work with women in this category and I can always hear the self-doubt in their voice when we start to talk about money. Suddenly their confident tone simmers into a hard wall that they’ve locked themselves behind. It’s almost as if they are offended by the idea of money being a priority in their business.

Money may not be the only thing that’s important to you, but if you are running a business it has to be one of the top three things on your list. It’s naive to say that you want to start a business, but money is not important to you. Do it for free if cash flow really isn’t important to you. But don’t undercharge for what you do and justify it by saying money is not that important to you. That’s not fair to the other people who need and want to make money in their business and set their pricing accordingly. It’s not fair to potential clients who don’t work with you because they perceive the quality of your services will be cheap as your prices. And it’s not fair to you: why are you placing such a low value on the brilliance you bring into the world? The value of what you offer doesn’t change based on how much money you think you need.

The Brilliant Zone: The Law of Connected Brokenness

The law of connected brokenness: You stay broke and your potential clients stay broken when you refuse to pursue your purpose and work your passion.

“Broke” could be your bank account. It could be your relationship with yourself and others. Or maybe you are spiritually broken because you keep trying to hide your light, message, vision, or talents.

The message and gifts you have been given are not just about you. When you sow what your experience and expertise into the lives of others, you are stepping into the role of trailblazer. Trailblazers confidently own their brilliance, with expectation that they are impacting and influencing others.