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What to Include in a Sales Funnel for Your Service-Based Business

[box title=”This is part 3 in my series: Think You’re Ready to Create an Infoproduct?” box_color=”#6623a1″ radius=”4″] Part 1: Think You’re Ready to Create an Infoproduct? Answer These Five Questions Part 2: How to Choose the Most Profitable Infoproduct Ideas[/box] One of the first questions I ask in my Content Into Cash Flow calls is, “Where […]

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Bankable Brilliance: What Kind of Infoproduct Should I Create?

Thinking about adding an infoproduct to your offerings? One of the first questions to answer if you are planning on selling information products is what kind of product do you want to create. This needs to be answered in two ways: Choosing your product’s purpose and then deciding the best delivery format. Many people make the mistake […]

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How Having a Sales Funnel Makes Marketing Easier

Are you using a sales funnel to help make your marketing easier? What is a sales funnel? Depending on who you ask, the term “Sales Funnel” has a few different meanings. Here’s my sales funnel definition: A sales funnel is a well thought-out mapping of your products and services designed to convert your leads into […]

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