What to Include in a Sales Funnel for Your Service-Based Business

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One of the first questions I ask in my Content Into Cash Flow calls is, “Where will your new product fit into your sales funnel?” If the person I am working with takes more than 10 words to give me an answer, I immediately know that they don’t have a sales funnel. And more than likely haven’t thought through what their audience really needs and even more importantly what they are willing to invest in. The are not ready to sell information products.

There are lots of “gurus” and “experts” who promise to guide people through creating six-figure products. They tell them how to create a high-ticket offer, like an e-course with videos, expert interviews, and worksheets and price it for $1500 or more. That might be a good product. But if you struggle getting people to opt-in to your list, don’t have an entry level product that establishes trust, and you have no cross promotion partners to help you sell your product – you will be disappointed and out of money.

Can you create an information product that will help you earn six-figures? Absolutely! If you have the right things in place. One of those things is a well-designed sales funnel.